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Who Decides Whether Airspace Is Safe?

Who can order airlines to avoid certain areas in airspace? The answer is a lot more complicated than you might expect.

Should You Wear a Medical ID on Your Trip?

Wearing a medical ID tells doctors and emergency responders that you have health issues that could affect your treatment plan. Find out more about medical IDs and learn about alternatives to medical ID jewelry.

Travel Like a Local: State and County Fairs

You can't get more local than a state or county fair. Find out what you can see and do at a county or state fair and read our tips for making the most of your visit to the fair.

Chikungunya – What Is It, and How Can You Avoid Getting It?

Chikungunya, the painful, mosquito-borne viral illness, has spread to the Caribbean. Travel-related cases are now being reported in North America and Europe. Learn how to avoid contracting chikungunya, wherever your travels take you.

Photo Tour of the Montreal Tower

The Montreal Tower is the world's highest inclined tower. You can ascend it via a funicular and get a great view of the Olympic Park and surrounding area.

Germany to Impose Road Tax on Foreign Drivers, Beginning in 2016

Germany's Transport Minister has announced plans to impose a road tax on foreign drivers, beginning in 2016. Find out more about this controversial plan.

Oregon Judge Rules No-Fly List Redress Procedures Violate Due Process Rights

US District Court Judge Anna Brown ruled that the processes for seeking No--Fly List redress and judicial review are unconstitutional.

Things You Can't Do in US National Parks

The US National Park system gives visitors access to an amazing array of natural, historic and cultural treasures. You can't just run wild on park lands, however. Find out which activities are prohibited in national parks.

Turnpike Travel Tips

Turnpikes, or toll highways, have been part of the traveler's landscape for centuries. Modern turnpikes are multi-lane toll roads with sophisticated payment options and amenities for travelers. Find out more about traveling on a turnpike.

Travel Like a Local: Take a Class

Taking a class can be a great way to meet locals and learn something new - and we're not talking about algebra. You can take cooking, improv comedy, music, art and wine tasting classes while you're on vacation.

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