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Senior Travel February 2012 Archive


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African-American Heritage Sites in the Northeastern US

Wednesday February 29, 2012
On this site in New York City's Lower Manhattan, at least 15,000 free and enslaved Africans were buried during the late 17th and 18th centuries. In 1991, during construction ... Read More

Travel Photo of the Week: Walt Disney Concert Hall

Wednesday February 29, 2012
When it was built, Los Angeles' Walt Disney Concert Hall inspired controversy and commentary. Architect Frank Gehry's swirling stainless steel and glass structure was nothing like any other building ... Read More

Parking Your Rental Car - What You Need to Know

Tuesday February 28, 2012
Searching for a parking space can be a frustrating experience in any city. If you happen to be looking for parking in a city you've never visited before, you ... Read More

Cruise Passengers Robbed on Mexico Shore Excursion Bus

Monday February 27, 2012
The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that 22 passengers of the Carnival Splendor were robbed on February 23 as they returned by bus to the ship from a shore excursion. ... Read More

Travel Photo of the Week: Castel del Monte

Wednesday February 22, 2012
Castel del Monte is one of Italy's most fascinating castles. Unlike many fortress castles, it is octagonal in shape, but that's just one of Castel del Monte's mysteries. No one ... Read More

Air Australia Goes Into Receivership, Grounds Flights

Saturday February 18, 2012
Perhaps this blog post should be titled, "Why You Should Always Pay for Airfare With a Credit Card Unless You Buy Financial Default Travel Insurance." CNN and the Herald Sun are ... Read More

Visit African-American Heritage Sites in the Southern US

Friday February 17, 2012
If you truly want to learn about the fight for racial equality and civil rights in the United States, you need to head south. Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and the ... Read More

Travel Photo of the Week: Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy

Wednesday February 15, 2012
This is the highest high tide you'll ever see. Canada's Bay of Fundy experiences two high tides and two low tides per day, six hours and 13 minutes apart. The ... Read More

Cruise Industry Associations Change Lifeboat Drill Rules

Monday February 13, 2012
In the aftermath of the Costa Concordia disaster, cruise industry associations have changed their rules concerning lifeboat drills, according to CNN. Cruise lines must now hold lifeboat drills (also called "passenger ... Read More

Tolls: How to Pay Them, What to Expect

Friday February 10, 2012
Building and maintaining roads is expensive. That's why so many jurisdictions around the world turn to tolls as a way to pay for highway maintenance and construction. While the concept ... Read More

Air Canada, Porter Airlines Adopt All-Inclusive Ticket Pricing Policy

Wednesday February 8, 2012
As Canada begins to work toward implementing all-inclusive airline ticket pricing rules, which will likely be similar to the airline pricing rules that went into effect in the United States ... Read More

Do You Need a Travel Visa?

Wednesday February 8, 2012
It depends. Two factors determine whether you will need a travel visa for your international trip: your destination and your citizenship. Many countries require all visitors to apply for travel ... Read More

Travel Photo of the Week: Heidelberg Castle

Wednesday February 8, 2012
I can't count how many times I have heard that Heidelberg, Germany is an overrated, over-touristed city. Too crowded, some say. Too kitschy, complain others. I guess ... Read More

Spirit Airlines Imposes Fee to Cover Cost of Implementing New Regulations

Wednesday February 1, 2012
Spirit Airlines, best known for charging passengers for both carry-on and checked baggage, has unveiled a new fee that all of its passengers must pay. According to CNN, Spirit ... Read More

Travel Photo of the Week: William Shakespeare's Grave

Wednesday February 1, 2012
Have you ever visited the gravesite of a famous person you admire? Many people make the trek to Stratford-on-Avon in the UK to see William Shakespeare's home town. Most of ... Read More

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