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Watermark's Annapolis, Maryland Walking Tours and Maryland Cruises


Watermark's Annapolis, Maryland Walking Tours and Maryland Cruises
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Watermark offers walking tours of historic Annapolis, Maryland, as well as sightseeing and themed cruises on the Chesapeake Bay. Private cruises, special events, customized walking tours and water taxi services allow visitors to Annapolis to experience this unique capital city and the adjacent Chesapeake Bay in ways that best meet their needs and appeal to their interests.


Historic Annapolis, Maryland, Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Annapolis Harbor and environs, the Chesapeake Bay and St. Michael's, Maryland. Custom tours and cruises are available.

Tour Participant Demographics:

People of all ages participate in Watermark's walking tours and cruises. Some of the historic neighborhoods of Annapolis have uneven pavement. Walking tours are wheelchair accessible, but participants should be aware that opportunities to sit down during walking tours are limited, at best.


Walking tours typically cost $16 for adults and $10 for children ages 3 – 11. Cruise prices range from $12 to $70 for adults and $5 to $30 for children.

Trip Length:

Walking tours are two and one-quarter to two and one-half hours long. Cruise lengths vary from 40 minutes to eight hours.

Quick Facts:

  • All of Watermark's walking tours and some cruises feature costumed interpreters as tour guides.
  • Reservations are required for the award-winning African-American Heritage Tour and recommended for the Haunted Ghost Tour and Annapolis to St. Michael's cruise.
  • You may reserve your walking tour or cruise online.
  • Credit card payments for Watermark walking tours or cruises are only accepted online.
  • Watermark's walking tours take place rain or shine; you will need to prepare accordingly.
  • Customized tours and cruises are available, with or without meal options; custom walking tours can be created for small or large groups.

Contact Information

(410)268-7601; (800)569-9622


P.O. Box 3350

Annapolis, MD 21403

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