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Air Travel

If you're pressed for time, traveling by air is the best way to get to your destination. It is often the most expensive option, too. Our guide to air travel for seniors can help you save money and understand your rights as an airline passenger.

Take Your Own Food on Your Next Airplane Flight
Food options are very limited on domestic US flights. Packing your own airplane meal is a healthy and affordable option, especially for travelers who follow special diets. Our tips for preparing and packing airplane travel meals will help you choose the best foods to take.

Airport Parking Options
Airport parking options have changed and expanded in recent years. Today's airports offer a wide variety of parking lots and garages, including long and short term parking, cell phone lots and daily parking. Learn about airport parking options and decide which type of parking lot or garage is best for you.

What to Do When the TSA Finds a Prohibited Item in Your Carry-on Bag
While you are going through airport security screening, the TSA finds a prohibited item, such as a pocket knife or pair of scissors. What should you do? Learn about your alternatives and find out which airports have Mail It Home self-service kiosks.

What to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag
If you choose the right carry-on bag and fill it with essential travel items, you'll have peace of mind even if your checked bag is lost. Find out which items should go in your carry-on bag on your next airplane trip.

Eight Annoying Airline Fees
Air travelers should check the fine print on each airline's website to find out exactly which fees they might have to pay. Our list of eight annoying airline fees highlights the variety of fees air travelers must pay.

Air Travel and Damaged Baggage
There are several steps you can take to avoid damage to your baggage and to obtain compensation if your bags are harmed during your flight. Find out about damaged baggage policies and learn how to pack so that you are in compliance. More importantly, learn what to do if your suitcase is damaged during your flight.

Winter Travel Stories
Were your winter travel plans affected by a snowstorm or other issue? Share your winter travel story and pass along your winter travel tips.

Getting Around the Airport
As you plan for your upcoming connecting flights, be sure to allow extra time to get from the check-in counter to your gate and from one connecting flight to another. Our tips for getting around the airport include information on wheelchair assistance requests, service animals and inter-terminal transfers.

Should You Pay Extra for Airline Services?
Airline passengers are often asked to pay extra for such privileges as boarding early, checking bags and eating meals. When you make your airline reservation, you may be asked whether you wish to purchase some of these in-flight goods and services. Take a closer look at some common for-purchase airline services and decide whether they are worth your money.

Airline Pricing Rules and Passenger Protections
Effective January 26, 2012, ticket agents and airlines were required to include fuel surcharges, government-imposed fees and mandatory taxesin any airfares they advertise. Additional passenger protections went into effect on January 24, 2012. Find out more about these pricing rule changes, how they impact advertised airfares and how the new protections will help travelers.

Airline Passenger Protections in the US
Airline passengers in the US will receive increased protection from lengthy tarmac delays as well as many other protections when new Department of Transportation regulations take effect in late August and October 2011. Find out how the new airline passenger protection rules will affect you, both before and during your trip.

Charge Your Electric Vehicle at an Airport
Airports around the United States are installing electric vehicle charging stations in their parking lots and garages. Find out how and where to charge your electric car at the airport.

Air Travel Etiquette
Frequent travelers know how to prepare and pack to minimize time spent in security and airplane boarding lines as well as how to get along with fellow passengers during their flights. Follow our simple air travel etiquette rules and you, too, can fly like a professional.

Take Your Grandchildren to an Airport Observation Park
Airport observation parks are family-friendly places to watch airplanes take off and land. Find out why you should take your grandchildren to these aircraft observation areas and where you can find airport observation parks.

MyTSA Mobile Phone Application
The Transportation Security Administration recently released MyTSA, a free mobile phone application that can help you find current airport delays and security screening waiting times, determine which items you can take through airport security and upload information about your own security checkpoint waiting time. Learn more about the MyTSA...

Tarmac Delays, Flight Cancellations and You
Flight cancellations and tarmac delays have many causes. Find out what to do if your own...

Airport Security 101
If you are flying to your vacation destination, you will need to go through airport security. Travelers who use mobility aids or who travel with service animals may wonder how to prepare for the security screening process. Don't worry – we've got you covered. Our airport security tips range from packing to organizing prescription drugs to dressing for security screening succes

Lost Luggage – How to Cope When Your Luggage Is Lost
If your luggage is lost, what should you do? Find out more about lost luggage and learn how to cope with a lost luggage situation.

What Is a Department of Homeland Security Redress Control Number?
Travelers who experience difficulties obtaining airline boarding passes, crossing US borders or clearing TSA security screenings should consider filing a complaint with the Department of Homeland Security. Filing a DHS TRIP complaint will give them a redress control number and, hopefully, reduce travel problems. Learn more about redress control numbers and find out how to file a DHS complaint.

Tips for Packing Carry-on Luggage
The TSA's new rules for international flights state that passengers may only bring one piece of carry-on luggage with them. If you're used to packing both a carry-on bag and a personal item, it's time to rethink your packing strategy.

Tips for Coping With New TSA Rules
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules can and do change. We'll help you cope with the latest changes to aviation security regulations. Find out how to pack for your airport security screening and read our tips for coping with changing airline procedures.

How to Pack for Air Travel
Experienced air travelers know that sometimes baggage does get lost. Lost luggage is typically found and returned, but this process can take time. If an airplane trip is in your future, take a look at our tips for packing for air travel.

How Long Are the Seat Belts on My Airplane?
All airline passengers must wear seat belts when directed to do so by the flight crew. Just how long is that airline seat belt? Find out how long seat belts are on your airline.

Share Your Airport Security Experiences
Have you traveled by air recently? Experienced the new airport security screening process? Share your airport security and in-flight experiences with your fellow travelers.

Can I Carry Liquids in My Checked Baggage ?
TSA rules permit only a few small containers of liquid in carry-on luggage. Find out how to carry liquids in your checked baggage and learn how to pack them properly.

Winter Air Travel Tips
If you are planning to fly to your winter vacation destination, you'll want to plan ahead for weather delays and flight cancellations. Our winter air travel tips will help you prepare for problems and deal with weather-related air travel issues.

Use the Airport's Self-Service Check-in Kiosks
Checking in for your flight is often a do-it-yourself process. Here are some tips to help you check in for your next flight.

Do Larger Airline Passengers Need to Buy a Second Seat?
Some airlines require "passengers of size" to purchase a second seat. Find out which U.S. airlines have special policies of concern to larger passengers.

Getting to the Airport
Should you take a taxi, drive your own car or book space on an airport shuttle? Learn about the best ways to get from your home to the airport.


What Is a Contract of Carriage?
If you're traveling by air, it's a good idea to read your airline's Contract of Carriage before your trip. Find out what a Contract of Carriage is and how to get a copy from your airline.

Use Budget Airlines to Save on European Travel Costs
If you're traveling in Europe, you can choose from dozens of low-cost airlines. Find out if this budget travel option is right for you.

Pet Airways, an Airline For Animals Only
Pet Airways, the pet-only airline that began service in July 2009, will fly your furry friends in comfort. Find out about Pet Airways' fares, services and schedule.

Get Ready to Go Through Airport Security
Every person and item on an airplane must be screened by airport security personnel. Find out what to expect at the airport security checkpoint. Our airport security tips will help you prepare for the screening process.

Air Travel Tips
Air travel is quick, convenient – and stressful. Today's airline passengers need to be aware of changing airport security rules and weather issues. Travelers with health concerns must learn about FAA and airline policies so they can decide what to bring and how to pack. Our air travel tips will help you prepare for your next vacation.

Can You Find a Nut-Free Flight?
If you or your travel companion suffers from nut allergies, you know that planning a trip can be complicated. Find out about air travel and nut allergies and read airline policies on snacks, nut-free buffer zones and in-flight announcements concerning nut allergies.

Air Travel With Portable Oxygen Concentrators
If you use supplemental medical oxygen, traveling by air requires advance planning. You will need to use an FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrator (POC) during your flight. Find out which portable oxygen concentrators are FAA-approved for use in flight and plan for air travel with a POC.

Take Your Prescription Drugs Through Airport Security
Flying with your prescription drugs doesn't have to be complicated. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations aren't as restrictive as you might think. Find out how to take your prescription drugs through airport security.

Take Your Wheelchair, Walker, Cane or Scooter Through Airport Security
It's easier than ever to travel by air these days, even if you use a wheelchair, walker, cane or scooter. Going through airport security with your wheelchair or other mobility device is a simple process. Here's what you need to know about taking your wheelchair, walker, scooter or cane through airport security.

Take Your Service Animal Through Airport Security
Taking your service animal through airport security is a straightforward process, at least in the U.S. Your service animal can travel in the passenger cabin with you as long as it can fit under the seat in front of you during takeoff and landing and does not obstruct the aircraft's aisles. Find out what to expect during the airport security...

Use SeatGuru.com to Improve Your Air Travel Experience
SeatGuru.com is a highly useful website that provides air travelers with detailed seating information and helpful travel hints. Learn more about SeatGuru's features.

Airport Parking Tips for the Holidays
Airport parking is every holiday traveler's worst nightmare. Getting information, planning for delays and investigating alternatives will help you get to your airline's departure gate on time. Our holiday airport parking tips will take you through this planning process, step by step.

Top 10 Myths About Air Travel and Airports
If you believe you'll be booked on the next flight out if your airplane breaks down, think again. Arlene Fleming, About.com's Guide to Air Travel, busts popular air travel myths in this excellent article.

Forum on Ancillary Airline Fees
Open Allies for Airfare Transparency sponsored a moderated forum on the topic of extra air travel fees, including checked baggage fees, seat selection fees and priority boarding fees. Read a summary of the issues discussed by the panelists.

Pet Birds and Air Travel: What You Need to Know
Bird owners occasionally wish to travel by air with their avian friends. Find out which US airlines accept birds in the airplane cabin or in the baggage hold.

Air Travel and Overweight Baggage – What You Need to Know
Discovering that your suitcase exceeds your airline's luggage weight limit can be a depressing and expensive experience. Learn how to lighten your load and avoid paying overweight baggage fees.

Oregon Judge Rules No-Fly List Redress Procedures Violate Due Process Rights
In June 2014, US District Court Judge Anna Brown ruled that the processes for obtaining No--Fly List redress and judicial review are unconstitutional.

Who Decides Whether Airspace Is Safe?
Who can tell airlines to avoid certain areas in airspace? The answer is a lot more complicated than you might expect, and it involves the airlines themselves.

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