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Glenora Inn and Distillery Photos

Tour North America's Only Single-Malt Whisky Distillery


Glenora Distillery makes single-malt whisky in the Scottish tradition, but it isn't in Scotland. You'll find Glenora Distillery on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. If you visit during late spring, summer or early fall, you can tour the distillery and stay overnight at the Glenora Inn. You can also enjoy a meal at the pub and listen to ceilidh music, Cape Breton style, during the summer months.
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Main Distillery BuildingGlenora Inn CourtyardMacLellan's BrookDining Room Exterior
Interior View of the Glenora Inn Dining RoomDistillery Holding PondGrain Mill RoomMash House
Brew TankHeat Exchanger and Wash BacksWash BackSpirit and Wash Stills
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