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Thinking about taking a cruise? Learn how to choose a cruise line and read our tips for making the most of your cruise.
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Tours and Cruises for Single Seniors
Several cruise lines and tour operators offer single-friendly trips for seniors. Learn more about singles-friendly cruises and tours.

What Is a River Cruise?
There are several differences between river cruise and ocean cruises. Find out what to expect on a typical river cruise and decide if this popular type of cruising is right for you.

Cruise Packing Tips
Packing for a cruise can be a very stressful experience, because it is hard to anticipate every single thing that might happen during your journey. Our cruise packing tips can help you put together a packing list that will truly work for you.

Cruise Planning Tips for Wheelchair and Scooter Users
Travelers who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters need to plan ahead when choosing a cruise line. Cruises are usually good choices for wheelchair and scooter users, provided your cruise line offers accessible staterooms, activities and shore excursions. Our tips for planning a wheelchair- or scooter-friendly cruise will help take the guesswork out of cruising.

Cruise Line Contracts
Your passenger contract contains important information about the cruise line's sailing, health and baggage damage compensation policies. Learn how to obtain and understand your cruise line's guest ticket contract.

Will Internet access be available on my cruise ship?
Find out whether you can access the Internet while you are on your cruise and learn how to make the most of your shipboard Internet access.

What to Expect at the Lifeboat Drill
Cruise passengers often dread the lifeboat drill, thinking they will spend hours standing in hot sun wearing bulky life jackets. This may happen, of course, but if all cruise passengers understand what to expect during the passenger muster drill, the process will not take very long at all. Find out what happens at a lifeboat drill, who must...

How can I save money on Internet access during my cruise vacation?
Accessing the Internet while on a cruise can be extremely expensive. There are several ways to save money on Internet access during your cruise vacation. Learn how to save money on Internet access while you are on your cruise.

Save Money by Cruising From a Nearby Embarkation Port
If you're looking for ways to save money on your cruise, consider searching for cruises by embarkation port or departure city. Find out whether you live near a cruise embarkation port.

The "Hidden" Costs of Cruising
There are plenty of free things to do during your cruise vacation, but some shipboard services and activities do cost money. Knowing what to expect on your cruise will help you make the most of your vacation budget.

Could I Find Bedbugs on My Cruise Ship?
Bedbugs are infesting hotels, theaters, retail stores and even tourist attractions in the US. Could your cruise ship be next? Find out more about bedbugs and how to avoid them on your next cruise.

Am I Safe From Pirate Attacks on My Cruise Ship?
Pirate attacks on cruise ships and cargo ships are becoming more frequent. Find out which waters are known for pirate attacks and learn how to get information on recent piracy activity.

Bedbugs on Cruise Ships - Share Your Story About Bedbugs on Cruise Ships
On your last cruise, did you find bedbugs on your ship? Share your story and read about other travelers' experiences.

Write a Review of a Senior-Friendly Cruise Line
Many cruise lines advertise themselves as senior-friendly, but which cruise ships and itineraries are truly best for seniors? Write a review of your cruise experience and share your opinion with your fellow senior travelers.See submissions

Five Flattering Bathing Suits for Mature Women
Whether you're packing your bags for a Caribbean cruise or a week by the lake, you'll need a comfortable, flattering bathing suit. Take a look at our top picks and start shopping!

How Can I Stay Healthy on My Cruise Vacation?
Many cruise passengers worry about becoming ill during their voyage. Find out how to prepare for your cruise and stay healthy while underway. Learn proper handwashing techniques and discover how to check on your ship's sanitation record.

Could I Fall Overboard During My Cruise?
Is falling overboard really a cruise ship safety risk? Find out about cruise ship safety requirements and find out which actions put you at risk of falling overboard.

Should I Tip for Cruise Line Room Service if I Have Paid Daily Gratuities?
Should you tip the room service waiter on your cruise ship, even if you have already paid your suggested daily gratuity? Learn more about tipping for onboard room service.

What Is the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010?
The U. S. Congress passed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010 in order to improve cruise passenger safety. Learn more about the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010.

Better Your Chances for a Safe Cruise Vacation
Find out how to stay safe on your cruise vacation, both while you're at sea and when you're in port.

Frequently Asked Questions - About Cruises
If you're trying to decide whether a cruise is your best vacation option, this list of frequently-asked questions will help you make an informed choice.

Photo Tour of Viking River Cruises Longship Viking Odin
Viking River Cruises christened the Viking Odin and three sister Longships on March 21, 2012. Take a photo tour of Viking River Cruises Longship Viking Odin and see the staterooms and public areas.

10 Good Reasons to Choose a Cruise
Access-Able.com's Debbie Fogle explains why people with disabilities should consider a cruise vacation. The article contains a useful link to Access-Able's cruise ship accessability information database.

Photo Tour of Viking Longships Christening, March 21, 2012, Amsterdam
On Wednesday, March 21, 2012, Viking River Cruises christened four of its new Longships in a festive ceremony in Amsterdam. View photos of this elaborate ceremony.

6 Things Seniors and Baby Boomers Want Travel Providers to Know
Seniorsand Baby Boomers don't describe themselves as old, and they don't all travel the same way or visit the same destinations. Find out what not to say to seniors and Baby Boomers who love to travel.

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