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Foreign Travel Checklist
Once you've decided to visit another country, the travel planning begins in earnest. Our handy foreign travel checklist will help you through the process of researching and planning for your overseas travel adventure.

Pack Your Patience: How to Cope With Common International Travel Annoyances
Traveling overseas may be the opportunity of a lifetime, but it can also be an opportunity to experience travel annoyances and frustrations. Take a look at some common travel annoyances and learn how to cope with them.

Endangered Destinations
Some of the wonders of the ancient world are now lost to us, while ecosystems and the species they support are also in jeopardy of vanishing. Learn more about endangered destinations around the world.

Eight Ways to Connect With Locals on Your Overseas Vacation
It's no longer enough to see famous places. Travel is enriched through conversations with locals and behind the scenes experiences. Finding ways to immerse yourself in a place or culture might seem challenging, but our easy tips can help you strike up conversations and learn more about the places you're visiting.

Overrated Destinations - Share Your List of Overrated Destinations
Some destinations truly aren't worth visiting. They're tourist traps or just plain boring. Worst of all are the places that look wonderful in a brochure and turn out to be grungy beyond belief. Help other travelers avoid vacation disaster; share your list of overrated travel destinations.

Which Countries Require a US Passport Valid for at Least Six Months?
Find out which countries require you to have a passport valid for at least six months beyond your date of entry.

Which Countries Require a US Passport Valid for at Least Three Months?
Many countries, including Schengen agreement countries, require US passport holders to present passports valid for at least three months beyond their date of entry. Find out which nations have this requirement.

Which Countries Require a US Passport Valid for at Least One Month?
A few countries require US passport holders to present passports valid for at least one month past their date of entry. Find out whether your destination is one of these countries.

Top Small Museums and Attractions
Share your favorite small and medium-sized museums and attractions with your fellow travelers. They can be in big cities, small towns or well off the tourist trails. See submissions

Should I Travel Abroad?
Visiting another country can be the experience of a lifetime. If you're feeling intimidated by the challenges of language barriers and unfamiliar customs, take a look at some of the pros and cons of international travel.

Driving Overseas
If you're renting a car in another country, do you have all the information you need? Find out where to locate driving information for your vacation destination.

"Overrated" Travel Destinations You Should Visit
Every travel guidebook describes at least one overrated destination that is apparently so crowded and touristy that it isn't worth visiting. Beyond the souvenir stands, though, you'll find historic buildings, museums, restaurants and neighborhoods worth seeing. Learn about travel destinations that turn up on "most overrated" lists, but, in reality, are truly worth a visit.

Historical Reenactments 101
Historical reenactments bring past events to life. Authentically-costumed reenactors gather at or near a historic site and re-create a battle or famous event. Learn what to expect at a reenactment and how to make the most of your reenactment experience.

How to Find International Travel Safety Information
If you're planning a trip abroad, it's best to find out about local conditions and international travel safety problems before you leave home. Find out how and where to research safety issues before you book your next trip.

Choosing a European Destination
Let James Martin, About.com's Guide to Europe for Visitors, help you choose your next European vacation spot.

Endangered Destination Travel Stories
Have you visited an endangered destination? Could you see signs of restoration or preservation? Share your story and, if you like, upload a picture from your trip.See submissions

Visit American Military Cemeteries in Europe, Mexico, Panama and the Philippines
The American Battle Monuments Commission operates and maintains 24 American military cemeteries around the world. These cemeteries are located in Europe, Mexico, Panama and the Philippines. Many people visit American military cemeteries each year to visit a loved one's gravesite, find out more about a particular conflict or just gain a sense of...

Travel Meals – What Will You Eat on Your Overseas Vacation?
Some people sign up for tour groups because they worry about finding affordable food in other countries that they will enjoy eating. Put those worries aside as you learn to plan picnics and travel meals that meet your needs.

Visit an Engineering Marvel
The world is filled with structures that changed people's lives for the better. You can see some of these engineering marvels just about anywhere you travel, whether you visit an ancient Roman aqueduct or a modern bridge-tunnel.

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