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Plan Your Dream Trip

Decide on the purpose of your trip.
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Planning Your Trip
Travelers today can visit nearly every part of the planet. With so many destinations available, trip planning can be very complex. Decide where to travel, how you'll get there and where you'll stay using our trip planning tips.

Beyond the Tour Group
Some travelers find traditional tour itineraries fascinating but exhausting, particularly if they have mobility issues. There are plenty of alternatives to the traditional group tour; slowing down doesn't mean you have to give up travel. Find out more about alternatives to traditional tour groups.

Let Google Maps Help You Plan Your Next Trip
Google Maps is an extremely helpful vacation-planning tool. You can use Google Maps to check out your hotel's surroundings, get traffic information, find public transportation and much more. Learn how to use Google Maps to plan your next trip.

What Is an Authentic Travel Experience?
What is authentic travel? Can you plan authentic travel experiences, or do you just have to stumble upon them? Authentic travel has several aspects; learn what they are and find out how to incorporate them into your next trip.

Use Your Public Library to Plan and Prepare for Your Vacation
As you plan your next trip, stop by your public library to look for for travel books, DVDs and other trip planning tools. Learn more about your library's travel-related offerings so that you can use them to plan and prepare for your vacation.

8 Reasons Why You Should Travel With a Senior or Baby Boomer
If you are looking for a travel companion, consider asking one of your senior or Baby Boomer friends to go with you on your next trip. Read our list of eight reasons why seniors and Baby Boomers make great travel companions.

Unlikely Places to Hear Local Music
If immersion travel interests you, consider attending a local music performance. You don't have to hit the bars or festivals to listen to good music; there are plenty of places, some unexpected, where you can hear local performers. Find out more about unlikely places to hear local music.

Use Facebook to Find Travel Bargains
It's easy to connect with family and friends on Facebook, but the world's most popular social networking site can also help you find travel deals and discounts. Learn more about finding travel bargains on Facebook.

Overcoming Travel Fears
Even experienced travelers worry that something will go wrong during their trip. These worries can turn into true travel fears that can prevent someone from traveling at all. Most of the time, however, travel fears can be overcome. Let's take a closer look at some common travel fears.

Human Safaris – Educational or Exploitative?
A "human safari" is an organized tour that takes visitors to a place where they can see "locals," often tribal people, in their native settings. As news reporters continue to expose the existence of human safaris, we wonder whether human safaris cross the line between cultural tourism and sheer exploitation. Learn more about human safaris and...

How to Find Travel Companions
Many senior travelers want to see the world, but are held back by the high cost of solo travel. Finding a travel companion will help you avoid single supplements, but how, exactly, does one go about meeting potential travel friends? Learn about places to meet like-minded travelers, both in person and online.

Discover Your Dream Destination
If you've dreamed for years of traveling to an exotic island, a famous national park or world-class art museum, start planning now. Find out how to narrow down your travel choices and choose the trip that's best for you.

Tour Group Pros & Cons
Tour groups offer many advantages. Discover the pros and cons of tour groups and decide if a tour group is the right choice for you.

Use Twitter to Plan Your Vacation
With Twitter, you can plan your trip and get up-to-date information on discounts, deals and travel trends. Find out how to use Twitter's social network to plan your vacation.

Travel Guidebooks: Essential or Outdated?
Are travel guidebooks obsolete? Smart phone apps and travel websites offer alternatives to the traditional travel guidebook, but can they replace your favorite travel guides?

Reasons to Travel
Learn about vacations and travel opportunities and decide which type of trip is right for you.

Choose Your Destination
Selecting a destination is an important part of the travel planning process. Consider these factors as you plan your next trip.

Long-Distance Bus Travel in the U. S. and Canada
When you're deciding how to get to your chosen destination, don't forget about bus travel. As gasoline prices go up, Greyhound becomes an affordable option. Find out if bus travel is right for you.

How to Get There
Planning a trip? You'll need to decide how to get to your destination. Consider the pros and cons of cars, trains and other transportation options.

Find Your Best Rental Car Deal
If you're planning to rent a car on your next trip, learn how to look for the best rates using our road-tested tips.

How Do You Handle "Oblications"?
We all have to take trips to visit or help family and friends. These trips aren't really vacations, they're "oblications" - trips we take because we have to as well as want to. Read our tips for surviving an oblication and add your own suggestions to our list.

How Do You Handle "Oblications"? - Readers' Ideas for Surviving "Obli…
An "oblication" is a trip you have to take, often to visit or help family or friends. Share your tips for surviving - and even enjoying - an oblication and read other readers' answers.

Travel Planning Resolutions
Planning a trip requires paperwork and research. There are things you can do now to reduce your workload as your travel date approaches.

American Battlefields: History and Heritage
Visiting a battlefield can be both enjoyable and awe-inspiring. If you're a history buff or a nature-lover, why not plan to spend some time at a famous American battlefield? Learn about the history of the area, trace the battle's progress as you drive or walk through the battlefield.

Water Park Tips - Tips for Visiting a Water Park
Share your water park tips here. Help fellow readers make the most of their visit to a water park.

Wine Travel in France
French wines are famous around the world, and with good reason. Wherever you go in France, you can find vineyards and a well-established winemaking tradition.

Favorite Travel Guidebooks - Share Your Favorite Travel Guidebooks
Have you found a travel guidebook or series that stands above the rest? Tell us why this guidebook is worth buying and read other travelers' recommendations.

Use Webcam Feeds to Plan Your Next Vacation
Webcam feeds display real-time conditions at specific places. As you plan your next trip, look at webcam feeds to learn about traffic and weather issues, ski and surf conditions, places to stay and things to do.

How Convention and Visitors Bureaus Can Help You Plan Your Next Trip
Convention and visitors bureaus, or CVBs, aren't just there to help meeting planners. They offer a wealth of information to individual travelers. Find out how you can use CVBs' travel resources to plan your next trip.

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Day Trips
Day trips are great for travelers who are short on time, can't get away overnight or who are looking for ways to explore a particular region. Take a look at 5 reasons why you should consider taking a day trip and read our day trip planning tips.

How to Find Cool Small Towns to Visit
You've read online articles titled "America's Coolest Small Towns" and "America's Best Small Towns," but how do you find small towns to explore in the areas you personally plan to visit? Take a look at our six tips for finding cool small towns to explore and find out how I discovered five of my favorite small towns.

The Best Time to Visit
Sometimes the important travel question isn't, "Where should I go?" but "When should I go?" Learn how to decide when you should travel - and when you shouldn't.

Travel Regrets
How can you travel without regrets? We'll show you five common travel regrets and offer tips for avoiding those regrets on your next trip.

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