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Wine Travel in Germany


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Wine Travel in Germany

Kloster Eberbach

Photo © Marco Aurelio Martins Costa

The Rheingau is riesling country. The Rhine River winds through this wine region, making exploration extremely easy. You can hike, bike or drive your way through the Rheingau, or hop on and off trains or boats at towns along the river.

You'll find plenty of places to explore, including Bingen, where the famed abbess Hildegard wrote and composed, as well as wine-themed hiking trails and biking paths. You can also visit castles and monasteries in this picturesque wine region. Kloster Eberbach in Eltville am Rhein offers rooms with breakfast, wine tours and sales and seasonal restaurant meals. The historic city of Wiesbaden, famous for its spas, which date back to ancient Roman times, is packed with wine bars and restaurants. If you plan to visit during the month of August, try to be in Wiesbaden during the nine-day Wiesbaden Wine Festival, where over 100 wine producers offer you the chance to sample their products.

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