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Planning a road trip? Learn about buying and renting RV's. Find out how to get the most out of every travel mile.

Plan Your Road Trip Adventure
With a map, guidebook and computer, you can put a road trip together in a very short time. Our road trip planning tips will help you cover every angle of the trip organization process.

Winter Weather Safety Tips for Senior Travelers
If you plan to travel during the winter months, you will need to make some extra preparations. Read our tips for staying safe during winter travel.

Prepare For Your International Road Trip
If you are planning to take an international road trip, you will want to find out which items you will need to pack for your international driving trip. Our international road trip tips will help you determine whether you will need to make special arrangements if you are driving a rental car across an international border.

Winter Driving Tips for Senior Travelers
Winter driving can be challenging, even for experienced road trippers. If your plans call for driving during the winter months, our useful tips will help you prepare for your trip and stay safe in icy or snowy conditions.

Get Real-Time North America Border Crossing Wait Times
As you plan your driving trip to Mexico, Canada or the US, you will want to plan ahead for long waits at the border. Fortunately, you can get real-time border crossing wait time information online. Find out how to get border crossing wait times using your smartphone or computer.

Keep Your Valuables Safe While You're on the Road
Many travelers are familiar with techniques for avoiding pickpockets, but scammers also target drivers and passengers. Take some time to learn about carjacking and theft scams before you leave home. Our road trip safety tips will help you keep your valuables safe during your driving vacation.

How to Pay Tolls – Cash, Transponders, Video Tolling and More
While toll roads are basically the same around the world, toll payment methods vary from place to place. Find out more about toll payment methods, electronic transponders and video tolling; this information will help you plan ahead for your upcoming road trip.

Rainy Weather Driving Tips
Our rainy weather driving tips will help you prepare for your next wet weather road trip. Find out more about how to drive safely in rainy weather.

Find Your Best Rental Car Deal
Renting a car shouldn't break the bank. If you're planning to rent a car on your next trip, learn how to look for the best rates.

Parking Concerns
Figuring out where to park your car and how to pay for your parking space can be one of the most frustrating parts of any driving vacation. Let's take a closer look at parking options and discuss how to cope with unfamiliar parking practices.

Find Low-Cost Places to Park Your RV
Save money while you enjoy RV travel. Find free and low-cost places to park your RV in the U.S. and Canada.

Emergency Supplies for Road Trips
Hitting the road? Don't forget to pack emergency supplies for your trip. Prepare for a roadside disaster before it happens with our list of emergency supplies.

Driving Overseas
If you're renting a car in another country, do you have all the information you need? Find out where to locate driving information for your vacation destination.

What to Take on Your Grandparent / Grandchild Road Trip
If you're planning a special road trip adventure with your grandkids, are you prepared? What should you bring along to make hours in the car go by quickly? We'll help you decide what to bring on your grandparent / grandchild road trip –and what to leave behind.

E-ZPass Tips for Travelers
The E-ZPass® automatic toll collection system isn't just for commuters. If you travel to the Northeast, Midwest or mid-Atlantic U.S. fairly frequently, using an E-ZPass® can save you time and money. Our E-ZPass® tips will tell you how the E-ZPass® works and where you can use it.

Book Review of Adelle and Ron Milavsky’s Take Your RV to Europe
If you own an RV and want to travel in Europe, Adelle and Ron Milavsky's book will show you how.

Book Review of Phil and Carol White’s Live Your Road Trip Dream
If you’ve ever thought of hitting the road for a year, Phil and Carol White’s Live Your Road Trip Dream can help you plan the perfect trip.

Review of RV Vacations for Dummies
RV Vacations for Dummies, part of the popular series that sports yellow and black covers, helps novice RV travelers decide where to go, plan their road trip and much more.

RV Travel: Should You Rent or Buy Your RV?
Sharon O'Brien, About.com's Guide to Senior Living, presents the pros and cons of buying an RV.

How to Rent an RV
If you're considering the RV lifestyle, renting an RV is a great way to begin. Learn about RV rentals, fractional sales and leasebacks.

Don't Let Speed and Red Light Cameras Increase the Cost of Your Next Vacation
Getting a speeding or red light violation ticket on your vacation is annoying, time-consuming and expensive. Learn out how to get information on speed and red light camera locations before you go on your next trip.

Harvest Hosts – Agri-Tourism for North American RV Owners
Harvest Hosts is a membership club for RVers who would like to dry-camp at North American farms, orchards, wineries and outdoor attractions. Members agree to purchase a bottle of wine, jug of cider, small basket of fruit or another item from their Host; in return, the Host offers them a place to dry-camp, or "boondock," overnight for free.

Boondockers Welcome - Connect With Fellow RVers to Find Free RV Parking
Boondockers Welcome is an online membership club that connects North American RVers who are looking for free places topark their RVs with RV owners who have boondocking spaces to share.

Turnpike Travel Tips
Turnpikes, or toll highways, have been part of the traveler's landscape for centuries. Today's turnpikes are multi-lane highways with sophisticated payment options and amenities for travelers. Learn more about traveling on a turnpike.

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