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Senior Travel Bargains

Read about the best ways to find travel bargains, sales and senior discounts.

Top US Budget Destinations for Seniors
Vacation bargains abound in the US, particularly for senior travelers. Take a look at our top picks for US budget travel.

Beat High Gas Prices While On Vacation
With gas prices exceeding $4 per gallon in many states, travelers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of fuel costs on their vacation budgets. Find out how to pack and drive in ways that will help you save on gas during your vacation.

10 Must-Have Travel Freebies
Free items, services and admissions can really add to your travel experience. Read our list of the top 10 travel freebies and find out how to use them to plan your next vacation.

Museum Admission Deals and Discounts for Senior Travelers
Senior and Baby Boomer travelers have many opportunities to visit museums for free or at reduced admission prices. We've got the scoop on senior discounts, free museum days, special category discounts and museum cards.

Save Money by Cruising From a Nearby Embarkation Port
If you're looking for ways to save money on your cruise, consider searching for cruises by embarkation port or departure city.

Budget Accommodations in Europe
If you're planning a trip to Europe, consider less expensive, nontraditional accommodations, such as independent hotels, convents, youth hostels and vacation apartments.

Budget Washington, DC for Senior Travelers
Washington, DC is one of the most popular destinations in the U.S. Washington is also a senior-friendly city, with affordable accommodations, excellent public transportation and dozens of free attractions and events. Learn more about visiting Washington, DC on a budget.

Use Budget Airlines to Save on European Travel Costs
If you're traveling in Europe, you can choose from dozens of low-cost airlines. Find out if this budget travel option is right for you.

What Senior Discounts are Available for Train Travel in Europe?
Senior discounts on European train travel are available in several countries. Each country's rail system has different terms and conditions for senior discounts. Learn more about senior train travel discounts in Europe.

What Senior Discounts are Available for Train Travel in North America?
Senior travel discounts are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Fortunately, senior train travel discounts are alive and well in North America, at least in the U.S. and Canada. Our guide to North American senior train travel discounts will help you start planning your next rail journey.

Tim Leffel's Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune
You don’t have to be a starving student traveler to save money on your next trip. Tim Leffel explains why travel costs so much and tells you how you can enjoy traveling without breaking the bank.

Finding a Cruise Special, Cruise Discount or Great Cruise Buy
Linda Garrison, About.com's Guide to Cruises, discusses the best ways to find cruise bargains.

How to Find Outstanding Senior Travel Discounts
Sharon O'Brien, About.com's Guide to Senior Living, tells how to find the best senior travel discounts.

Top 10 Ways to Find Cheap Airfares
About.com's Guide to Budget Travel, Mark Kahler, lists ten ways you can find inexpensive airfares.

Hotel Discounts for Senior Travelers
The senior discount is alive and well in the hotel industry. Hotel chains throughout the US offer discounts to seniors. Find out more about hotel discounts for senior travelers and view a list of discounts offered by hotel chains.

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