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Senior Travel Basics

Do you need a passport? We'll tell you what documents you need and how to apply. Are you considering travel insurance? Learn more here.
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Sequestration and Travel: What You Need to Know
Learn how the US government sequestration process might affect your future travel plans.

Travel Gifts for Children and Grandchildren
When you give a child a travel-themed gift, you know you are encouraging that special young person to learn about all kinds of people and places. Our recommended travel gifts will help the important children in your life to learn about and prepare for their trip and to pass the time during those less exciting travel moments.

How Do I File a Travel Complaint?
If something goes wrong on your vacation, how can you file a complaint and resolve your problem? We'll take you through complaint process, step by step. Learn more about how and where to file your travel complaints.

Foreign Travel Checklist
Once you've decided to visit another country, the travel planning begins in earnest. You will need to learn about travel documents, travel money, etiquette and even electrical current. Our handy foreign travel checklist will help you through the process of researching and planning for your overseas travel adventure.

Travel Etiquette 101
Travel etiquette helps you enjoy your vacation more, because you know what to do in specific vacation situations. Whether you're staying in a hotel, bunking in with friends or overnighting in a B&B, our travel etiquette tips will replace your vacation worries with confidence.

Rent a Mobility Scooter / ECV for Your Vacation
Whether you are taking a cruise or traveling independently,renting a mobility scooter can help you get around without assistance and give you access to places and sights you might not otherwise see. Find out more about mobility scooter rentals.

Trip Planning Tips for Persons With Disabilities
AccessibleNiagara.com CEO Linda Crabtree shares her travel planning tips for persons with disabilities and her thoughts on accessible travel in her interview with Senior Travel Guide Nancy Parode.

Free Travel Apps from the US Government and American Red Cross
United States government agencies and nonprofits are creating apps and mobile websites to bring travel and safety information straight to your smartphone. Learn more about these free travel apps, which are available now from government agencies and the American Red Cross.

Charge Your Electronic Devices on Your Overseas Vacation
Keeping cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices charged and ready to use on an international vacation can be a challenge. Learn about plug adapters and voltage converters and find out what to do if you are having difficulty charging your electronic devices during your trip.

Places You Can't Take Photographs
If you've ever been asked by a security guard to delete images from your camera's memory, you probably wonder where you are actually allowed to take photos. Photography laws and rules vary from country to country. Find out where you can - and where you can't - take photographs.

Pack Your Patience: How to Cope With Common International Travel Annoyances
Travel annoyances, particularly those caused by cultural differences, don't have to ruin your trip. Take a look at some common travel annoyances and learn how to cope with them.

Find Worship Services When You're on the Road
If you want to find worship service times and locations when you travel, take a look at our list of online worship service locators for the world's major religions.

Take a Nap on Your Next Vacation
Taking a nap while on vacation might seem counterproductive. After all, you can't see the sights and rest at the same time. It turns out, though, that taking a nap once in a while might just make your vacation experience better.

When Bad Vacation Weather Strikes
When your sunny vacation destination is affected by bad weather, what should you do? If rainstorms are predicted for your destination, you can still create a memorable experience. Here are some suggestions for coping with rainy vacation weather.

Accessible Niagara Interview With Linda Crabtree
Linda Crabtree, CEO of AccessibleNiagara.com, offers tips for planning a completely accessible trip to Canada's Niagara region in our exclusive interview.

Which Countries Require Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination?
Find out whether you will need to get a yellow fever shot before you travel.

Top Tips for Speeding Your Way Through Customs
Traveling abroad is typically a wonderful experience, but returning from your overseas trip involves one last scheduled stop – at the Customs and Border Protection booth. If you know what to expect and how to prepare in advance, your meeting with a Customs and Border Protection agent will be brief and businesslike.

Do I Have to Pay Customs Duty on Alcoholic Beverages Purchased in a Duty-Free...
Many travelers take advantage of duty-free shopping opportunities at airports and international borders. But what does "duty-free" really mean? Learn more about buying alcoholic beverages at duty-free shops and whether or not you will need to pay customs duty on these items at your port of entry.

How to Register Your Trip With the US Department of State
If you are a US citizen planning to travel outside the country, you should registering your trip via the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Registering your trip will help the State Department find and assist you if an emergency occurs.

Winter Travel Stories
Were your winter travel plans affected by a snowstorm or other issue? How did you handle the delay? Share your winter travel story and pass along your winter travel tips.

Your Travel Complaint - Share Your Travel Complaint Story
Sometimes our travel complaints fall on deaf ears, and other times they are resolved quickly and professionally. Have you filed a travel complaint? Share your experiences with your fellow travelers.

What is Whole Body Imaging?
The U.S. Transportation Safety Administration is testing whole body imaging technology in airports around the country. This controversial technology allows screeners to see every part of a traveler's body,including concealed objects. Find out about whole body imaging and what it means for you.

Top Gifts for Senior Travelers
As the holidays approach, it's time to think about gifts for the senior travelers on your list. Fortunately, there are many products and travel services that make excellent gifts for both avid travel buffs and first-time travelers.

Recycling Tips for Travelers - Share Your Vacation Recycling Tips
Do you recycle when you're on vacation? It isn't always easy to find recycling centers when you are away from home. If you routinely recycle while on vacation, share your tips here and help your fellow travelers protect the environment.

Traveling With Electronic Devices
Traveling with electronic devices, such as laptops, e-readers, PDAs and cell phones, is a mixed blessing. You have the convenience of instant communication and information, but you also have to recharge and protect your electronic items. Take a look at our tips for traveling with electronic devices.

How to Recycle While on Vacation
When you're on the road, finding recycling stations can be a real challenge. You'll need to plan ahead if you want to recycle during your vacation. Our vacation recycling tips can help you find drop-off locations and environmentally-friendly hotels. Learn more about recycling while on vacation.

Is Pet Boarding Your Best Vacation Option?
Pet owners planning vacations need to carefully consider their pet care options. Pet boarding is one of the most popular options; your pet stays at a professionally-run pet kennel while you travel. Find out more about pet boarding kennels and other pet boarding options.

Use Skype to Make International Telephone Calls
If you regularly travel with your laptop computer and need to make long distance or international telephone calls, consider setting up a Skype account. Using your computer and high-speed internet access, you can use Skype to make inexpensive or even free international telephone calls.

Should I Rent or Buy a GSM Cell Phone for My International Trip?
Will your cell phone work in another country? If you're from the U.S., it may not. You'll need to rent or buy a GSM cell phone if you want to call the States while you're on an international vacation. Find out about GSM cell phones and take a look at your options for renting or buying an unlocked GSM phone and SIM card.

Share Your Skype Experiences - Discuss the Pros and Cons of U…
Do you use Skype to make telephone calls from your computer? Does VoIP technology work for you, or do you have problems with it? Share your Skype experiences, both good and bad, with your fellow travelers.

What Is a Single Supplement?
What is a single supplement, and why do hotels and cruise lines charge extra for single occupancy?

What Is a Travel Gift Card, and Why Should I Buy One?
Give your favorite travelers a gift card they can use for airfare, accommodations, restaurants or sightseeing. You can purchase plastic, electronic or even a customized travel gift cards. Find out about the different types of travel gift cards.

What Is a Contract of Carriage?
If you're traveling by air, it's a good idea to read your airline's Contract of Carriage before your trip. Find out what a Contract of Carriage is and how to get a copy from your airline.

Top 10 Signs of a Possible Travel Scam
Mark Kahler, About.com's Guide to Budget Travel, presents a comprehensive list of travel scam warning signs.

Travel Laundry
Doing laundry while on vacation can be challenging, particularly on long trips. Find out about your travel laundry options and learn which washing supplies to bring with you.

Scam Detector: Smartphone App for Travelers and Consumers
Scam Detector is a free smartphone app that helps you recognize and avoid over 600 different scams. Scam Detector has a companion website that includes information on travel, face to face, online, auto and other types of scams, a scam forum and a place to report scams to the app's developer.

How to Help Your Fellow Travelers
Many people want to be helpful, but don't always know exactly what to do. If you are traveling and see someone who needs assistance, here are some specific, practical ways you can offer them help.

What to Do if a Strike Affects Your Travel Plans
Could a labor union's strike vote affect your travel plans? Learn how to plan ahead for strikes and get information about airline, railway, ground transportation and other labor unions' actions. Find out what to do if a strike alters your vacation itinerary.

Local Laws and You: What You Need to Know Before and During Your Trip
Did you know that if you break a law while traveling in another country, you will have to face the consequences there? Find out which laws you should worry about before you pack and leave home. Read our tips for looking up local laws and planning around legal restrictions.

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