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Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women


Let’s face it. When it comes to travel, packing a pair of comfortable walking shoes can make your trip a real success. Pounding city pavements in strappy little sandals is a sure recipe for travel disaster. Investing in a good pair of walking shoes makes all the difference.

New Balance W607BR

I own these shoes. I bought them for walking on uneven terrain. They’re billed as trail-runners, but they don’t have as much arch support as some other trail runners I’ve tried on. They do, however, have arch and foot support comparable to a typical walking shoe, which is what I need for the type and amount of walking I do. Because of my wide foot and narrow heel, New Balance has become my brand of choice; this is my third pair of New Balance shoes. I also like the fact that these shoes are made in the U.S.
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Nike Air Shoo-In Women’s Walking Shoe

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this shoe has a wider toe box than most Nike shoes I’ve tried. You can also buy this shoe in wide width sizes. Mesh uppers make the shoe light and comfortable to wear. The Air Shoo-in offers good support for a traditional walking shoe, but less arch support than you’ll find in a trail-running shoe.
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Propét W2034 Women’s Stability Walker

Propét’s stability walking shoes feature a wider sole and rubber outsoles. The leather uppers are light and comfortable. Propét offers a six-month, 1,000 mile sole wear guarantee on all its shoes, which means you can return the shoes if they wear out quickly. This particular Propét shoe was quite comfortable but didn’t have as much arch support as some other walking shoes I’ve tried. This can be remedied with orthotics, if you wish. This shoe comes in several colors, a feature I really appreciate. Narrow-heeled women may find that their heels slip in this shoe; mine did.
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Salomon XA Comp 3 Women’s Trail-Running Shoe

If you know you’ll be walking on uneven terrain – think Pompeii or Yosemite – consider a trail-running shoe instead of a traditional walking shoe. My friend Sherry, who’s walking the Pilgrim Way to Spain, bought this shoe recently. Sherry likes the XA Comp 3 because it has a wider toe box than some of the other trail-running shoes she’s tried on, and this means she can slip her Birkenstock Footprints insole inside this shoe for more support. She recommends this approach (with your preferred insoles) for serious walkers with plantar fasciitis. This shoe has excellent traction and it’s quite light in weight. It also comes in a weatherproof version, the XA Comp 3 GTX W.
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