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Vacation Planning Tips for Seniors and Baby Boomers


It's time to plan your trip. How will you decide where to travel? How will you get there, and where will you stay? Find out what travel documents you'll need, which type of travel money will work best for you, and how to stay safe on your trip.
  1. Where to Go
  2. How to Get There
  3. Where to Stay
  4. Travel Documents and Money
  5. What to Pack

Where to Go

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a trip is choosing your destination. Do you want to stay close to home or travel to another continent? Should you plan a romantic getaway or adventurous excursion? We'll help you narrow down your choices.

How to Get There

Once you've decide where to go, you'll need to figure out the best way to get there. Should you drive? Fly? Cruise? Perhaps traveling by train or bus would be more relaxing. Find out about transportation options and select the one that's best for you.

Where to Stay

Resort or motel? Vacation cottage or romantic inn? It's not always easy to decide where to stay. You have many options to choose from; let us help you find a great place to stay.

Travel Documents and Money

Paperwork, paperwork. It's an important part of travel planning. If you're going overseas, you'll need passports and perhaps a visa or two. Learn about travel insurance and international driving permits and decide how you'll pay your expenses along the way.

What to Pack

In today's limited-luggage era, packing can be a real challenge. By the time you choose your "must-have" items, there's little space for anything else. Let us help you narrow down your packing list. After all, you need to save room for souvenirs!

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