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Profile of Go Ahead Tours


Company Information:

Go Ahead Tours has provided top-value travel experiences to vacationers since 1965. Go Ahead Tours is a division of EF Education, a private education travel company.


Go Ahead Tours is committed to providing cultural experiences and sightseeing opportunities at the best possible prices. The company offers several types of tours and travel experiences so you can see the world your way. Whether you want to relax at a spa, walk Italy’s Amalfi Coast or try a land / sea trip or safari, Go Ahead Tours has an itinerary that will work for you. Of course, you can also book a traditional escorted tour.


Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

Tour Participant Demographics:

Varies. Go Ahead Tours will accept children over age seven on tours on a case-by-case basis. Seniors, family groups, friends and honeymooners all travel with Go Ahead Tours.

Single Traveler Information:

Go Ahead Tours charges a single supplement. Roommate matching is not available.


Varies by trip length and season. Costs begin at $1,499 and go up to $4,249 or more. Optional excursions are available.

Trip Length:

Varies from 8 to 23 days.

Quick Facts:

  • Go Ahead Tours works to bring you to the world’s top destinations at affordable prices.

  • Most Go Ahead Tours are open to wheelchair users and slow walkers, but some itineraries are not suitable for wheelchair or scooter users. It’s best to discuss your travel plans with Go Ahead Tours before you book your trip.

  • Go Ahead Tours’ trip prices include airfare to and from your departure point, which may be one or more U. S. cities. You will need to pay for your transportation to your departure point.

  • Go Ahead Tours offers a travel protection plan.

  • You can choose from walking tours, city stays, spa tours, cruises and escorted tours. Walking tours may include free days, escorted walks and optional excursions.

  • Tour groups vary in size. Most groups have 25 – 35 participants, but some are larger.

  • Some meals are included in the cost of your tour; be sure to read the itinerary carefully.

  • Go Ahead Tours’ World Traveler Club offers discounts to repeat customers.

  • Go Ahead Tours offers trip extensions and optional excursions on most itineraries.

Contact Information:

(800) 590-1170

Go Ahead Tours

One Education Street

Cambridge, MA 02141

U. S. A.

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