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Profile of Overseas Adventure Travel


Company Information:

Overseas Adventure Travel began as a safari company. As adventure travel became more popular, Overseas Adventure Travel expanded its trip offerings to such countries as Peru and Nepal. In 1993, Grand Circle Corporation acquired Overseas Adventure Travel, and the company now focuses on providing high-quality, good-value adventure travel experience to vacationers aged 50 and up.


Overseas Adventure Travel's mission is to be the top adventure travel provider for American travelers over age 50, while maintaining its commitment to small group travel and hands-on experiences.


Europe, Israel, the Red Sea, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Antarctica.

Tour Participant Demographics :

Varies. Overseas Adventure Travel's policies allow you to bring children or grandchildren over age 10 (12 for safaris) on their trips. Overseas Adventure Travel's main market is travelers over age 50.

Single Traveler Information :

Overseas Adventure Travel charges a single supplement and offers a room-matching service. If they can’t match you with a roommate, you will pay half of the single supplement.


Varies by trip length and season. Costs begin at $1,795 and go up to $7,490 or more.

Trip Length :

Varies from 11 to 28 days.

Quick Facts:

  • Overseas Adventure Travel takes you to the world's top adventure destinations by land and small ship.

  • Most Overseas Adventure Travel vacations are not wheelchair-accessible. Travelers on accessible trips must bring their own collapsible wheelchairs and, if needed, an able-bodied companion. Motorized scooters are not permitted.

  • Overseas Adventure Travel’s fee includes airfare to and from your departure point, which may be one or more U. S. cities. You will need to pay for your transportation to your departure point.

  • Overseas Adventure Travel offers a travel protection plan.

  • Some Overseas Adventure Travel itineraries involve walking several miles in one day or other strenuous activities. The company's website offers information on each trip so that you can decide which itineraries are best for you.

  • Tour groups are small, with a maximum of 16 guests on land adventures.

  • Some Overseas Adventure Travel itineraries sell out very quickly, so it's best to plan your travel as far in advance as possible.

  • Overseas Adventure Travel offers discounts to repeat customers and has a frequent traveler club.

  • Overseas Adventure Travel's website offers handy international travel information for each itinerary, including dining, etiquette and shopping tips.

Contact Information:

(800) 959-0405

Overseas Adventure Travel

347 Congress Street

Boston, MA 02210

U. S. A.

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