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Tour Groups

Many mature travelers choose to travel with tour groups. Find out which tour group could be right for you.
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Should You Use a Tour Group?
Tour groups offer many advantages. Discover the pros and cons of tour groups.

When Should You Travel With a Tour Group?
Tour groups offer you a way to meet new people and learn about local history and culture in a safe, comfortable way. Even if you normally plan your own itineraries, there are times when tour groups really are your best option.

Tour Operator Reviews
Submit a review of your tour operator. Share your experiences with other Senior Travel readers and let us know what your tour experience was like. You can also upload a photograph from your trip.See submissions

Find Singles-Friendly Tour Operators and Cruise Lines
Several tour operators and cruise lines offer singles-friendly trips for seniors. Learn more about singles-friendly cruises and tours.

Research and Compare Tour Operators
As you plan your trip, you'll need to consider many factors, including your destination, the cost of your trip and the type of tour you want to take. Review our list of tour operators, find out what they have to offer and click over to their websites to learn more. There are so many types of tours, from traditional to high-adventure, that...

Beyond the Tour Group
Travelers with mobility issues may find that some tour itineraries are simply too fast-paced. The long days on a traditional itinerary can be very tiring. There are many alternatives to the typical group tour experience. Find out more about tour group alternatives.

Bus and Motorcoach Travel 101
Learn about bus and motorcoach tours. Find out what questions to ask your bus tour operator before you choose an itinerary.

Is My Tour Bus Safe?
When you book a bus tour or long-distance bus trip, you may wonder about tour bus safety. If you're traveling in the United States and will be crossing state lines, you can check on your bus company's safety record before you travel.

Trips and Tours for Senior Couples
The perfect romantic getaway is just a few clicks away. Review our couples-only travel options and start planning your romantic vacation.

Types of Tours
Find out about different types of tours for senior and Baby Boomer travelers.

6 Things Seniors and Baby Boomers Want Travel Providers to Know
Senior and Baby Boomer travelers don't perceive themselves as old, and they don't all travel the same way or visit the same destinations. Find out what not to say to seniors and Baby Boomers who love to travel.

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