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Profile of Grand Circle Travel


Profile of Grand Circle Travel

Kiklades, Santorini, Greece

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Company Information:

Grand Circle Travel offers land tours, river cruises and ocean cruises. Grand Circle has won many “best value” and customer service awards from Travel + Leisure , Condé Nast Traveler and other travel publications.


Grand Circle Travel says, “Our private fleet of European river ships was custom-built, incorporating suggestions from Grand Circle travelers.” They also conduct land tours and take tour groups on cruises. Grand Circle Travel promises that you won’t pay any hidden charges and that, once you book your tour, your price will not go up.


North, Central, and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia, Antarctica and the Arctic.

Tour Participant Demographics:

Normally, participants are 50 and older, but travelers may be as young as 14.

Single Traveler Information:

On most trips, if you are willing to share rooms, you will pay 50% of the single supplement. This will be refunded to you after your trip, if you are matched with a roommate. Grand Circle Travel’s single supplements are low-cost.


$1,245 and up, depending on departure point, plus government taxes and fees. Some North American tours do not include airfare to and from your departure point.

Trip Length:

Varies. Most trips are 11 – 17 days long.

Quick Facts About Grand Circle Travel:


  • Grand Circle Travel’s fee includes airfare to and from your departure point, which may be one or more U. S. cities. You will need to pay for your transportation to your departure point. On cruises, your cost varies depending on the departure point you choose. (Exception: Some North American tour charges do not include airfare.)
  • Nearly all other expenses are included; check each trip’s itinerary for details.
  • A helpful FAQ list on Grand Circle Travel’s website includes all the “fine print,” so you can read all of the details of your contract before you talk with their sales representatives.
  • Grand Circle Travel discourages wheelchair users from taking their tours, but permits them to bring a small, collapsible wheelchair if they do decide to travel.
  • Motorized scooters are not allowed.
  • Grand Circle Travel offers discounts to repeat customers and has a frequent traveler club.
  • Trip insurance is available.

Contact Information:

(800) 959-0405

347 Congress Street

Boston, MA 02210

U. S. A.



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