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Transportation Options

Should you travel by bus, buy a train ticket or rent a car? Read about your transportation options and let us help you choose the best way to reach your destination.
  1. Air Travel (47)
  2. Bus and Motorcoach Travel (5)
  3. Rental Cars (21)
  4. Train Travel (9)

How to Get There
Planning a trip? You'll need to decide how to get to your destination. Consider the pros and cons of cars, trains and other transportation options.

Beat High Gas Prices While On Vacation
With gas prices exceeding $4 per gallon in many states, travelers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of fuel costs on their vacation budgets. Learn how to save money on gas while you are on vacation.

Should I Rent a Car Or Use Public Transportation?
When planning a trip to another country, you must choose the best way to get around once you arrive at your destination. For some travelers, renting a car is the best option. Others may prefer public transportation. Find out which option, rental car or public transit, is best for you.

Cell Phone Etiquette for Train, Bus and Airplane Travelers
When travelers use cell phones without considering the people sitting nearby, they risk ruining someone else's travel experience. Learn more about cell phone etiquette for train, bus and, perhaps, future air travelers, and find out what to do if you are seated near a rude cell phone user.

What to Do if a Strike Affects Your Travel Plans
Could a labor union's decision to go on strike affect your travel plans? Find out how to plan ahead for strikes and get information about airline, railway, ground transportation and other labor unions' action. Learn what to do if a strike alters your vacation itinerary.

Traveling by Car Ferry - What You Need to Know
Traveling by car ferry is a great way to get both you and your vehicle from one place to another relatively quickly. While some ferry boat trips are fairly short, others may last overnight or longer. Our car ferry travel tips will help you plan your next ferry boat trip.

How to Avoid Taxi Scams
We've all heard about taxi scams, whether from friends, articles or guidebooks. Find out about common taxi scams and learn how to protect yourself from them.

Have You Witnessed a Taxi Scam - Have You Been the Victim of …
Have you witnessed a taxi scam in person, or perhaps fallen victim to taxi fraud? Stories of taxi scams are all over the Internet, but is the danger really that great? Share your experiences with your fellow travelers.

Road Trip Pros and Cons
Taking a road trip is a great way to see the countryside. Road trips offer flexibility and freedom of choice. Consider the pros and cons of road trips before deciding how to get to your destination.

Driving Overseas
If you're renting a car in another country, do you have all the information you need? Find out where to locate driving information for your vacation destination.

Learn to Ride a Bicycle in an Adult Cycling Class
If you have always wanted to take a bicycle tour or ride a bike trail, but do not know how to ride a bicycle, you are certainly not alone. Adult bicycling classes are both extremely popular and widely available. Find out more about adult Learn to Ride classes and find out how to register for a class.

Subway Safety for Senior Travelers
Traveling by subway during your vacation can save you time and money, but you may also be exposed to safety hazards and petty criminals. Learn how to inform yourself about the subway system at your vacation destination and read our tips for staying safe on the subway.

Don't Let Speed and Red Light Cameras Increase the Cost of Your Next Vacation
Getting a speeding or red light violation ticket on your vacation is annoying and expensive. Learn how to find information on speed and red light camera locations before you go on your next trip.

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