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Review of The Traveler's Web

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

The Traveler’s Web is a well-organized, thoroughly-researched book. It offers something that many Internet guides do not – tested, useful tips on how to get the most out of each website listed.

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  • Randolph Hock shows you how to research flights, rooms, sights and more.
  • The chapters on adventure and specialty travel are excellent.
  • Screen shots and website summaries help you decide which sites to visit.


  • Like all books about Internet research, this book will become outdated quickly.
  • The book does not cover the topic of general-interest tour groups; some specialty tours are listed.


  • The Traveler's Web is designed to help you get the most out of available online travel resources.
  • The book begins with an overview of each of its chapters, then moves to summaries and URLs of travel websites.
  • Some of the website descriptions contain helpful tips for using the site. Others are short and sweet.
  • Senior travel is covered in the "Sites for Special Groups and Special Needs" chapter.
  • The author assumes that his readers know how to turn on a computer and use a search engine.

Guide Review - Review of The Traveler's Web

I picked up The Traveler’s Web at my local library, wondering why on Earth we need yet another book on using the Internet. As I flipped through the pages, my first thought was, “Wow, I should buy this book!”

Randolph Hock, who wrote The Traveler’s Web, calls himself “The Extreme Searcher.” He has written books and articles about using search engines effectively and he presents workshops on Internet use. His expertise shines through every chapter of this book.

Hock has examined and reviewed every major English-language travel website for this book. He organizes these website reviews thematically in The Traveler’s Web. One chapter, for example, is dedicated entirely to flight reservation and price comparison websites, such as Kayak and Orbitz. Another focuses on specialty travel – I was happy to see About.com’s Senior Travel site on Hock’s list of senior travel resources in this chapter.

The author does not include most travel agency websites, and he leaves out hotel, restaurant and car rental chain websites altogether. Part of his reasoning, he says, is that he wanted the book to be useful, not lengthy. The travel agency and tour operator websites he does include offer, in the author's opinion, something above and beyond travel services.

Each review includes a summary of the website and a brief description of its most useful features. For larger websites, such as Hotwire, the author includes tips on how to use the site most effectively. These tips make The Traveler’s Web much more than just another travel guide or Internet manual. I use the Internet to plan every trip I take, and I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about making the most of online travel resources.

The Traveler's Web is a great resource for anyone planning a trip. With just a little Internet know-how, you can use this book to plan a wonderful and affordable vacation.

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