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Stay safe while you're on the go. Read our travel safety tips and learn how to protect yourself.

Home Security Tips
As you plan your next vacation, remember to keep your home secure while you're away. Our home security tips will help you protect your home from thieves and burglars. Find out more about keeping your home safe while you are on vacation.

Public Restroom Safety and Health Tips
Public restrooms offer convenience when you are on the road, but they aren't always completely clean or safe. Learn about the safety and health risks associated with public restrooms and find out how you can protect yourself against crime and disease.

Desert Travel Safety for Seniors and Baby Boomers
If your itinerary takes you to or through a desert, you'll want to read our desert travel safety tips. Find out how to plan for a desert road trip, what to do if you get lost in the desert and what not to do during your next vacation in the desert.

Tornado Safety for Senior Travelers
If your travel itinerary includes a stop in the Midwestern or Southeastern US, particularly during the spring and summer months, take a moment to learn how to stay safe during a tornado. Find out how to prepare for a tornado while you are on vacation.

Hurricane Safety for Senior Travelers
If your travels will take you to the eastern seaboard or Gulf Coast of the United States or to the Caribbean Sea during "hurricane season," you may wish to create a hurricane plan for yourself and your family. Find out how to stay safe during a hurricane when you are far from home.

Hotel Fire Safety for Senior Travelers
Hotel fire safety might be the last thing on your mind as you check into your room. Your hotel should have smoke alarms and a fire escape plan, and you should know what to do in case of fire at your hotel. Learn more about hotel fire safety and read our fire safety preparedness tips.

Keep Your Valuables Safe While You're on the Road
If your travel plans include a road trip, particularly in a foreign country, take some time to learn about the latest carjacking and theft scams before you leave home. Our simple road trip safety tips will help you keep your valuables safe during your driving vacation.

Winter Weather Safety Tips for Senior Travelers
If you plan to travel during the winter months, you will need to pay close attention to safety issues. Learn how you can get a free winter survival smartphone app and read our tips for staying safe during winter travel.

Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico?
Many travelers wonder whether it is safe to travel in Mexico. Find out about the latest US State Department Mexico travel alerts and how to locate security information for travel to Mexico.

Civil Unrest and Personal Safety – What You Need to Know
Few travelers plan to get caught up in local demonstrations or protests, but civil unrest sometimes flares up in places where vacationers gather. Find out how to prepare for possible civil unrest and learn what to do if you accidentally end up in the midst of a demonstration.

How to Register Your Trip With the US Department of State
If you are a US citizen planning to travel outside the country, consider registering your trip via the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Registering your trip will help the State Department find and assist you if an emergency occurs. Learn how to register your trip using the State Department's STEP process.

How to Avoid Hitting Deer and Moose With Your Car
Drivers in the US and Canada often read warnings about driving safety and deer, particularly during the fall foliage season. Take deer and moose warnings seriously. Hitting deer or moose with your car can kill you, cause serious injury and smash up your vehicle. If you plan to visit a state or province known for its herds of deer or moose,...

Cell Phone Driving Laws by Region
As accident and traffic incident statistics climb, nations, states and provinces are taking steps to reduce distracted driving due to cell phone...

Money Belts and More
Keeping your money and travel documents safe should be a top priority when you travel. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than a close encounter with a pickpocket. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your travel money and passport safe when you're on vacation. Here are some of my family's favorites.

Emergency Supplies for Road Trips
Hitting the road? Don't forget to pack emergency supplies for your trip. Prepare for a roadside disaster before it happens with our list of emergency supplies

Fall Proof Your Vacation
Staying safe while you travel includes protecting yourself from slips and falls. Find out how to fall proof your vacation.

Distracted Driving Laws in the US
Distracted driving is a serious problem in the US. Each year, hundreds of people are killed or injured in distracted driving accidents. If you...

Distracted Driving Laws in Canada
Nearly all of Canada's provinces have outlawed using a handheld cell phone while driving. Sending and receiving text messages while driving is...

Distracted Driving Laws in Europe
Many countries in Europe have banned use of hand-held cell phones while driving. In most, you can use a cell phone with a hands-free device. ...

How Can I Find Out Whether I Will Be Safe in Another Country?
It's a good idea to find out about local conditions and international travel safety problems before you leave home. The U.S. Department of State, Canada's Bureau of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office all publish helpful international travel safety information. Find out how to research safety issues before you book your next trip.

Should You Hire a House Sitter?
Hiring a house sitter is a good way to make sure your home remains safe during your absence. Leaving your home unoccupied may be less expensive in the short term, but you might just return from your trip to discover a leaky pipe, dead lawn or other costly issue. Find out whether hiring a house sitter during your next vacation is a good option...

Don’t Let Pickpockets Steal Your Vacation Pleasure
Pickpockets can be a problem wherever you travel. Find out how to protect your valuables and convince pickpockets that you're not worth bothering.

Am I Safe From Pirate Attacks on My Cruise Ship?
Pirate attacks on cruise ships and cargo ships are becoming more frequent. Find out which waters are known for pirate attacks and learn how to get information on recent piracy activity.

Could I Fall Overboard During My Cruise?
Is falling overboard really a cruise ship safety risk? Find out about cruise ship safety requirements and find out which actions put you at risk of falling overboard.

Earthquake Safety Tips for Senior Travelers
If you are traveling to an earthquake-prone region, you should be prepared in case disaster strikes. Find out how to prepare for an earthquake when you're away from home and learn what to do if an earthquake occurs.

Tsunami Safety for Senior Travelers
If your travels take you to a coastal area, particularly near the Pacific Ocean, you should know what to do if a tsunami watch or warning is issued. Learn how to stay safe during a tsunami.

Better Your Chances for a Safe Cruise Vacation
Find out how to stay safe on your cruise vacation, both while you're at sea and when you're in port.

Lightning Safety for Senior Travelers
Most people are aware that lightning kills. But how many of us take shelter when we hear thunder or see a lightning bolt, especially when we are on vacation? Learn more about lighting safety and find out what to do if you are caught in a thunderstorm.

Hotel Room Safety Tips
Charlyn Keating Chisholm, About.com's Guide to Hotels, discusses ways to stay safe in your hotel room.

Travel Tips for a Safe Air Travel Trip
Find out how to stay safe while flying from Arlene Fleming, About.com's Guide to Air Travel.

Distracted Driving Laws in Australia and New Zealand
Distracted driving is serious problem in both Australia and New Zealand. If you plan to use a cell phone on your next trip, you should research distracted driving laws before you travel. Find out about Australia and New Zealand's distracted driving laws and see whether you can use your type of cell phones while driving there.

What to Expect at the Lifeboat Drill
Many cruise passengers worry about the lifeboat drill, thinking they will spend hours standing around wearing bulky life jackets. If all cruise passengers understand what to expect during the passenger muster drill and do what they are told, the process will not take very long at all. Find out what happens at a lifeboat drill, who must attend...

Subway Safety for Senior Travelers
While traveling by subway during your vacation can save you time and money, you may also be exposed to safety hazards and pickpockets. Learn how to get information about the subway system at your vacation destination and read our tips for staying safe on the subway.

Bus Safety for Senior Travelers
If you prefer not to drive while you are on vacation, taking the bus is an excellent way to travel within and between cities. Learn how to stay safe when you take the bus.

Flood Safety for Senior Travelers
Floods have many causes and can happen almost anywhere. Find out what to do before, during and after a flood, especially if you plan to travel to a flood-prone area.

Heat Emergency Safety for Senior Travelers
Travelers sometimes ignore the possibility that heat exhaustion and heat stroke might interrupt their vacations. During the summer months, you will need to take precautions against heat-induced illness when you travel, especially if a heat emergency occurs during your trip. Learn to recognize the symptoms of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke and read our tips for staying healthy during a heat wave.

Senior Driving Tips
Helpguide.org has compiled a list of senior driving tips, covering everything from choosing a safe car to backing up properly.

How to Get Help When Things Go Wrong During Your Trip
When things go wrong at home, we normally know where to go for help. But on vacation, whom should you contact for emergency assistance? Find out what to do when money problems, natural disasters and other serious issues interrupt your trip.

Is It Safe to Travel to My Destination Country?
How can you find out whether your travel destination is safe? Get tips for researching and choosing a safe, enjoyable vacation destination.

Terrorism Safety for Senior and Baby Boomer Travelers
You can improve your chances of surviving a terrorist attack simply by knowing how to plan for and respond to terrorist incidents. Read our terrorism safety tips and make a travel safety plan for your next trip.

Egypt Travel Safety
If you are planning a trip to Egypt, you may be wondering whether it is safe to visit the land of the Pharaohs. Find out about Egypt travel safety, government travel warnings and travel insurance.

Winter Driving Regulations: Do You Need Tire Chains or Snow Tires for Your Trip?
Many countries, particularly in Europe, require drivers to use winter tires or snow chains at certain times of the year. Before you rent a car during the winter season, find out whether you'll need tire chains or snow tires.

Should You Use Your Hotel Room's Safe?
Find out about hotel room safes, hotel loss liability limitations and other issues that could affect your decision to use the small safe in your hotel room. Learn whether our alternatives to in-room safes could work for you.

Who Decides Whether Airspace Is Safe?
Who can tell airlines to avoid certain areas in airspace? The answer is a lot more complex and nuanced than you might expect.

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