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Holiday Travel With Grandchildren


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Model Train Displays
Model train displays are a holiday tradition.
Photo © Jeramey Jannene

Model train displays are a real holiday tradition in many parts of the country. Children and adults alike love to look carefully at the elaborate holiday layouts model railroaders create. Check with your local model railroading association to learn about holiday displays in your area.

Each year, Washington, D.C.'s Union Station's Norwegian Christmas includes a model train display. This historic train station is the perfect setting for a special holiday train layout.

If your travel plans take you to New York City, stop by The New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show for more model railroading fun. New York landmarks are re-created for the model train layout – and they're made from natural materials. Consider this the Rose Parade of model train layouts.

The Chicago Botanic Garden's Wonderland Express includes not only a model train display but also holiday lights, family activities and, for one day only, the Reindog Parade. Bring Fido, in costume; you just might win an award. (Advance registration required for the Reindog Parade.)

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