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Canada's Bay of Fundy has the world's highest tides. The Fundy Coast, popular with locals and tourists alike, offers maritime sights ranging from fishing villages to a national park. Canada's first shorebird reserve, Mary's Point, is on the Fundy Coast, and it's a great place to observe the migration of millions of shorebirds during the late summer months. Most visitors come to the Fundy Coast to see the famous Fundy tides, of course, but there's plenty to see and do wherever you choose to stop.
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Cape Enrage on Canada's Fundy CoastCape Enrage LighthouseThe 1848 LighthouseFoghorn at Cape Enrage
Cape Enrage's Restaurant, the Keepers LunchroomBarn March Island BeachAlma, New Brunswick, at Low TideFishing Boats in Alma
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