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Senior Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Stay Safe At Your Cruise Port
As you plan your cruise vacation, keep safety risks in mind.
What Not to Wear on Your Overseas Vacation
As you pack your bags for your international vacation, consider leaving these stand-out-in-a-crowd items at home.
How to Renew Your US Passport
If your U.S. passport is about to expire or has expired within the last five years, you can easily renew it by mail. Find out how to renew your passport by mail or in person.
Where to Find Tours and Cruises for Single...
Single senior travelers don't have to pay high single supplements on tours and cruises. Learn about single-friendly tour operators and cruise lines.
Best Ways to Avoid Thieves and Pickpockets
Pickpockets can be a problem wherever you travel. Find out how to protect your valuables and convince pickpockets that you're not worth bothering.
Where Is Your Closest US Passport Office?
Find out how to locate your nearest US passport office, whether you are in the United States or overseas.
How to Apply for a US Passport
If you plan to visit another country, you'll need to get a passport. Find out how to apply for your US passport.
Where to Park Your RV for Free or Cheap
Save money while you enjoy RV travel. Find low-cost and free places to park your RV in the U. S. and Canada.
When Should I Renew My Passport?
All passports have an expiration date, but you probably need to renew your passport well before it expires. You may have to renew your passport as much as eight months in advance of its expiration date. Find out when you should renew your passport.
Are You Safe From Pirate Attacks on Your Cruise?
Pirates still threaten ships in certain areas off the coast of Africa. Find out which waters are known for pirate attacks and learn how to get information on recent pirate activity.
Could You Fall Overboard During Your Cruise?
How likely are you to fall overboard? Find out about cruise ship safety requirements and learn which actions put you at risk of falling overboard.
Top 10 Travel Essentials
As you pack for your next trip, take a look at our list of 10 essential travel items you won't want to leave behind.
Currency Exchange
Exchanging your money in a foreign country can be a very confusing experience. Get the scoop on currency exchange and find out how to use exchange rates and currency converters.
How Long Are Airplane Seat Belts? An Airline-by...
All airline passengers must wear seat belts when directed to do so by the flight crew. But just how long is that airline seat belt? What happens if it is too short? Learn about your airline's seat belts and seat belt extenders.
What Is a U.S. Passport Card?
The wallet-sized U.S. passport card is an alternative to the traditional passport book. The passport card can only be used for certain types of travel. Find out where and how to get a passport card and decide whether it's the right option for you.
Can I Carry Liquids in My Checked Bag?
Find out how to bring liquids in your checked baggage and learn how to pack them properly.
7 Ways to Make Your Hotel Room More Comfortable
Make your hotel stay more comfortable by choosing the right room and bringing a few useful items from home.
Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico?
Find out about the latest US State Department Mexico travel alerts and get up-to-date security information for travel to Mexico.
What Is Zika Virus Disease, and Why Should You...
Zika virus disease is one of several mosquito-borne illnesses that can affect travelers. Learn the facts about Zika symptoms and prevention.
Tips for Packing Your Carry-On Luggage
The TSA's new rules for international flights state that passengers may only bring one piece of carry-on luggage with them. If you're used to packing both a carry-on bag and a personal item, it's time to rethink your packing strategy. Our tips for packing carry-on luggage will help you decide what to take on the airplane and what to put in your checked bags.
5 Flattering Bathing Suits for Mature Women
Whether you're packing your bags for a Caribbean cruise or a week by the lake, you'll need a comfortable, flattering bathing suit. Take a look at our top picks and start shopping!
Can You Take Prescription Drugs Through Airport...
Find out how to take your prescription drugs through airport security.
How to Charge Your Devices When Traveling...
Learn about plug adapters and voltage converters and find out what to do if you are having difficulty charging your electronic devices during your trip.
Why You Should Pack Your Own Food the Next Time...
Our tips for preparing and carrying airplane travel meals will help you choose the best foods to take.
Will Your Debit Card Work Overseas?
Find out if you can use your debit card away from home and learn how to safeguard your banking information when using ATMs overseas.
What to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag
Choosing the right carry-on bag and filling it with essential travel items can make or break your trip. Find out which items should go in your carry-on bag on your next airplane journey.
Hotel Discounts for Senior Travelers
The senior discount is alive and well in the hotel industry. Hotel chains throughout the US offer discounts to seniors. Find out more about hotel discounts for senior travelers and view a list of discounts offered by hotel chains.
How to Use the Airport's Self-Service Check-In...
Checking in for your flight is often a do-it-yourself process. Here are some tips to help you check in for your next flight.
How to Save Space in Your Suticase When You Pack
Deciding what to pack can be a challenge. Our packing tips can help you decide what to take on your next trip, as well as what to leave behind.
Which Travel Money Should You Use?
An important part of travel planning is deciding how you will pay for day-to-day travel expenses. Senior travelers can choose from several travel money options. Find out which one is best for you.
Senior Discounts for Train Travel in North...
Senior train travel discounts are alive and well in North America, at least in the US and Canada. Our guide to North American senior train travel discounts will help you plan your next rail journey.
Find Senior Train Travel Discounts in Europe
Senior discounts on European train travel are available in several countries. Each rail system has different terms and conditions for senior discounts. Find out more about senior train travel discounts in Europe.
Get the Best Seat on the Plane, Every Time
Learn more about SeatGuru's features, including travel hints and detailed seating information for commercial airlines, and use them to enhance your next air travel experience.
Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt?
Terrorists bombed a tourist bus in Taba, Egypt, in February 2014, killing four people. If you're planning a trip to Egypt, you may be wondering whether it is safe to visit the land of the Pharaohs. Learn more about Egypt travel safety, government travel warnings and travel insurance.
Can You Add Another Driver to Your US Rental...
If you're planning to reserve a rental car and want to add another driver to your contract, you might end up paying a fee for the privilege. Find out which U.S. rental car companies charge a fee to add another driver to their rental agreements.
Can You Buy Travel Insurance That Covers...
Find out how to insure your upcoming trip against terrorism-related delay and cancellations.
What Happened to Elderhostel and Exploritas?...
Road Scholar, founded as Eldherhostel in 1975, is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable learning adventures in 90 countries.
Bus and Motorcoach Travel 101
Learn about bus and motorcoach tours. Find out what questions to ask your bus tour operator before you choose an itinerary.
7 Rental Car Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make
Save money by avoiding these rental car mistakes.
How to Travel With Prescription Drugs
Traveling with prescription drugs is easy, as long as you plan ahead, know the rules and carry documentation.
Money Belts and More
Money belts and waist pouches help you keep your travel money safe. Many travel security pouches are large enough to hold your passport and credit cards as well as your cash. Take a look at our top picks for travel pouches and money belts.
How to Pay Tolls: Cash, Transponders, Video...
Find out how to pay tolls and plan ahead for your upcoming toll road trip.
What To Do If Your Travel Companion Dies During...
If your travel companion dies while you are in a foreign country, do you know what to do?
How to Get Help When Things Go Wrong During...
When things go wrong at home, we know where to go for help. But on a trip, whom should you contact for emergency assistance? Find out what to do when illness, natural disasters and other serious issues interrupt your trip.
Rent a Mobility Scooter for Your Next Trip
Even if you already own a mobility scooter (also known as an electric convenience vehicle or ECV), you may want to consider renting one for your next trip. Whether you are taking a cruise or traveling independently, renting a mobility scooter can help you get around without assistance and give you access to places and sights you might not otherwise see. Learn more about mobility scooter rentals.
Why You Need Travel Insurance
Find out whether purchasing travel insurance will give you the coverage you need.
What Is the CDW, and Do You Need to Purchase It?
Deciding whether or not to pay for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage is one of the most confusing parts of renting a car. Learn more about alternatives to Collision Damage Waiver coverage.
How to Find Travel Companions
Many mature travelers want to see the world, but are held back by cost. Learn about places to meet like-minded travelers, both in person and online.
Best Ways to Prepare for Airport Security...
Going through airport security is tedious, but necessary. You can speed up the process by planning ahead, organizing your bags and knowing the TSA rules.
How to Pack for Air Travel
Packing smart and planning ahead for the possibility of lost baggage can minimize difficulty if your suitcase does get misplaced. If an airplane trip is in your future, take a look at our packing tips.
Countries That Require a US Passport With Six...
Many countries require US travelers to present passports valid at least six months past their date of entry. Find out which countries require you to have a passport valid for at least six months.
Birth Certificate Requirements for US Passport...
On April 1, 2011, the US Department of State changed the requirements for birth certificates used as proof of citizenship for purposes of applying for a passport. Learn about these new birth certificate requirements and read about work-arounds if your own birth certificate does not meet them.
Where to Exchange Your Currency
Today's traveler has many currency exchange alternatives, including banks and ATMs. Find out where to exchange your money and learn how to stay safe while exchanging currency.
How Much Time Do You Need to Get to Your...
When booking airline tickets, how much time should you allow between connecting flights?
How to Find a Senior-Friendly Travel Agent
Travel agents can save you time, money and headaches. Find out when you should consider using a travel agent and learn which questions you should ask.
Why You Should Consider the Bus for Long-Distan...
You can travel economically by bus across the US and Canada. Learn about bus travel, particularly Greyhound Lines, and decide if long-distance bus trips are right for you.
Do You Need a Travel Visa?
Many governments require visitors to apply for a travel visa before their trip begins. Find out what a travel visa is, how to apply for one and which countries require you to obtain a visa.
Profile of Collette Vacations
Collette Vacations offers 150 different itineraries, including river cruises, train journeys and escorted tours. This family-owned company, founded in 1918, can take you to Alaska, Antartica, and many places in between.
Pay Your Travel Tolls Automatically With E-ZPass
If you travel to the Northeast, Midwest or mid-Atlantic US fairly frequently, using an E-ZPass® can save you time and money.
Can You Put Duty-Free Liquors and Perfumes Into...
If you buy duty-free liquids, such as liquors and perfumes, and want to bring them into the US by air, there are some things you need to know.
7 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Vacation...
Don't let your vacation rental dream turn into a nightmare. Before you rent a vacation cottage or apartment, take a look at our 7 tips for avoiding vacation rental fraud.
Travel Like a Local: Outdoor Markets
Shopping at an outdoor market is a great way to experience a new culture. Outdoor markets sell an amazing variety of items and are usually well-patronized by shoppers from the local community. Learn about the different types of outdoor markets and take a look at our tips for shopping at them.
Do Larger Airline Passengers Need to Buy a...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Some US air carriers
Air Travel With Portable Oxygen Concentrators
If you need supplemental medical oxygen, traveling by air requires advance planning. You will need to use an FAA-approved portable oxygen concentrator (POC) during your flight. We'll explain which portable oxygen concentrators are FAA-approved for use in flight and help you plan for air travel with a POC.
How to Find Your Best Rental Car Deal
Find your best rental car deal using our road-tested bargain hunting tips. Learn to search for a rental car bargain and discover how to find car rental discounts.
How to Recognize and Avoid Taxi Scams
We've all heard about taxi scams, whether from friends, articles or guidebooks. Find out about common taxi scams and learn how to protect yourself from them.
Do You Need an International Driving Permit?
If you're planning to drive in another country, you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit before you travel, particularly if you are renting a car.
Take Your Wheelchair, Walker, Cane or Scooter...
It's easier than ever to travel by air these days, even if you use a wheelchair, walker, cane or scooter. Going through airport security with your wheelchair or other mobility device is a simple process. Here's what you need to know about taking your wheelchair, walker, scooter or cane through airport security.
Types of Tours for Senior and Baby Boomer...
Learn about different types of tours for senior and Baby Boomer travelers.
Do European Rental Car Companies Charge Dropoff...
Find out about one way car rentals in Europe, look at a cost comparison example and read tips for reducing your European rental car costs.
Driving the Cabot Trail
The Cabot Trail is a road, not a hiking path, that takes visitors on a scenic drive along Cape Breton Island's stunningly beautiful coastline. If you plan to visit Nova Scotia and drive the Cabot Trail, our useful, road-tested tips will help you make the most of your experience.
What Is a River Cruise?
River cruises become more popular every year. There are several differences between river cruise and ocean cruises. Find out what to expect on a typical river cruise and decide if river cruising is right for you.
Top US Budget Destinations for Seniors
Budget travel is popular again, and with good reason. Travelers want to maximize value, whether they're heading out for a month or escaping for a weekend. Vacation bargains abound in the U.S., especially for senior travelers. While most airlines discontinued senior discounts long ago, seniors can still find discounts at hotels, museums and other attractions. Take a look at our top picks for U.S. budget travel.
How Can I Find Out Whether I Will Be Safe in...
If you're planning a trip abroad, it's always a good idea to find out about local conditions and international travel safety problems before you leave home. The U.S. Department of State, Canada's Bureau of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office all publish useful international travel safety information. Find out how to research safety issues before you book your next trip.
How to Overcome Travel Fears
Most of the time, travel fears can be overcome. Take a closer look at some common travel fears and discover ways to deal with them.
What You Need to Know About Rental Car Fees and...
Airlines aren't the only travel providers assessing fees to boost revenues. Rental car companies have come up with ways to charge customers for everything from filling up the gas tank to returning rental cars early. Find out more about rental car fees, how much they'll cost you and what to do if you are billed in error.
Rental Cars, Parking Tickets, Speeding Tickets...
What happens when you break traffic laws while driving a rental car? Find out how your rental car company handles parking tickets, speed camera notifications and red light violations.
Get Ready to Go Through Airport Security
Every person and item on an airplane must pass through airport security. Find out what to expect at the airport security checkpoint.
Can I Get a Senior Discount on Rail Passes?
If you're planning to tour one country for several weeks, buying a rail pass may be your best option. You'll have the freedom to travel whenever you like. If your travels take you to Europe or Canada, consider buying a senior rail pass.
Travel Medical Insurance
Read a definition of travel medical insurance.
How to Speed Your Way Through Customs
Going through Customs does not have to be a terrible experience. If you know what to expect and how to prepare in advance, your meeting with a Customs and Border Protection agent will be brief and businesslike.
Trips and Tours for Senior Couples
The perfect romantic getaway is only a few clicks away. Jump-start your planning by reviewing our couples-only travel options.
Which Countries Require a US Passport Valid for...
Many countries, including Schengen agreement nations, require US passport holders to present passports valid for at least three months beyond their date of entry. Find out which countries have this requirement.
Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance
Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance is expensive, but it will partially reimburse your trip cancellation penalties if you feel you need to cancel your trip for a reason not covered by a trip cancellation policy. Learn what Cancel for Any Reason travel insurance covers and what it doesn't cover, and find out what to look for when comparing Cancel for Any Reason policies.
What Is a Single Supplement, and Who Must Pay It?
What is a single supplement, and why do hotels and cruise lines charge extra for single occupancy?
Get to These 15 Airports Extra Early if You Are...
If you are flying to the US from one of the 15 airports with CBP foreign preclearance, plan extra time at the airport to clear US customs and immigration.
Civil Unrest and Personal Safety – What...
While few travelers plan to get caught up in local demonstrations or protests, sometimes civil unrest flares up in places where vacationers gather. Find out how to prepare for possible civil unrest and learn what to do if you accidentally end up in the midst of a protest.
How to Choose Comfortable Walking Shoes
If you are shopping for comfortable walking shoes and don't know where to start, check out our tips for finding the right walking shoes.
Ferry Safety - What You Need to Know
Before you buy a ferry ticket, learn about ferry safety and the causes of ferry accidents.
Should You Rent or Buy a GSM Cell Phone for...
If you need to phone home while traveling internationally, your first step should be to find out whether your GSM cell phone is locked or unlocked. Page 2.
Comfortable Walking Shoes for Women
Comfortable walking shoes are a travel essential you can't leave behind. There's nothing worse than reaching your dream destination, only to end up with sore feet. Take a look at our top walking shoe picks.
Join Boondockers Welcome to Find Free RV Parking
Boondockers Welcome is a membership club that connects North American RVers who are looking for free dry-camping sites where they can park their RVs with RV owners who have boondocking spaces to share. Learn more about Boondockers Welcome.
Should You Pack Your Souvenirs or Ship Them Home?
Many travelers enjoy shopping for souvenirs, but finding the best way to get them home is another story. Should you pack them in your luggage or find a way to ship them home? Will it be more expensive to pay for an extra checked bag or to mail souvenirs from a local post office or shipping company? Our tips will help you decide whether to ship your souvenirs home or pack them in your suitcase.
Youth Hostels 101
Youth hostels offer low-cost lodgings for travelers of all ages in over 80 countries. Staying in hostels is a great way to save money and meet people.
Scenic Railroad Adventures in West Virginia
Railroad travel is both relaxing and enjoyable. You can stare out the window of your railroad car to your heart's content without worrying about traffic. Even better, you can take a trip back in time to pre-interstate days, when trains hauled people and goods across the country. West Virginia's historic trains will carry you through some of the state's most beautiful areas to see wildlife, historic towns and the state's splendid fall foliage. Find out more about West Virginia's scenic trains.
Top Tips for Beating the Airlines' Checked...
Many airlines charge checked baggage fees, and these fees can significantly increase your travel costs. Avoid or reduce your checked-bag fees by using our simple tips.
What Is a Hotel Resort Fee, and Do I Have to...
In today's world, travelers are increasingly aware of the fees that air carriers are adding to the price of an airline ticket. But did you know that this trend is spreading through the hotel community as well?
How to Register Your Trip With the US...
If you are a US citizen, consider registering your next overseas trip with the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This will help the State Department find you if an emergency occurs.
Will Your US-Issued Credit Card Work in Another...
Learn about the chip-and-PIN credit cards now used in much of Europe and elsewhere, and how and when to use your magnetic stripe cards in those countries.
How Can I Find Cheap Travel Insurance?
Buying cheap travel insurance may save you money up front, but will it help you if you have a problem during your trip? Get the facts about cheap travel insurance.
Should You Pay for TSA PreCheck?
Is applying for the TSA's PreCheck® program worth your time and money?
Use Skype to Make International Telephone Calls
If you regularly travel with your laptop computer and need to make long distance or international telephone calls, consider setting up a Skype account. Using your laptop and high-speed internet access, you can use Skype to make inexpensive or even free international telephone calls.
Find Pet-Friendly Hotels, Vacation Rentals and...
If you're considering bringing your pet with you on your next vacation, you'll have little trouble finding pet-friendly accommodations.
Medical Evacuation Insurance
What is medical evacuation insurance? Read a definition of medical evacuation insurance and find out what this type of policy covers.
Profile of Overseas Adventure Travel
Overseas Adventure Travel specializes in small-group adventure travel experiences for vacationers aged 50 and up.
How to Get There
Planning a trip? You'll need to decide how to get to your destination. Consider the pros and cons of cars, trains and other transportation options.
Travel Gift Card - Should You Buy One?
Give your favorite travelers a travel gift card they can use for airfare, accommodations, restaurants or sightseeing. Find out about the different types of travel gift cards.
Should You Bring Your Own Bed Linens on Your...
Bringing bed linens from home to your hotel or cruise ship isn't necessarily paranoid behavior. There are several good reasons to pack bed linens in your luggage. Find out when and how to bring bed linens on your next trip and read about alternatives to packing heavy bed sheets.
Do You Have to Pay Customs Duty on Alcoholic...
In the US, adults over age 21 may bring one liter of alcoholic into the U. S. duty-free, regardless of whether or not it was purchased in a duty-free shop.
Get Real-Time North America Border Crossing...
Learn how to get North American border crossing wait times in real time online, via mobile phone or through Twitter.
Can You Bring Your Pet Bird on Your Flight?
Find out which US airlines accept birds in the airplane cabin or in the baggage hold.
Budget Branson - Budget Branson for Senior...
Branson is a popular destination for senior travelers in the U.S. Branson is an extremely senior-friendly city, with affordable accommodations, an array of entertainment and dozens of attractions and events. Find out how you can join in the fun and make the most of your travel budget.
What Is a Known Traveler Number, and What...
A Known Traveler Number can help you obtain PreCheck status for your next flight within the US. Find out how to get a Known Traveler Number.
9 Irritating Hotel Fees – and 4...
Hotels, like airlines, have unbundled services so they can charge fees for amenities such as WiFi, fitness center use and early check-in. Learn about the various fees you might be charged during your next hotel stay and read our tips for avoiding irritating hotel fees.
Could I Find Bedbugs on My Cruise Ship?
Bedbugs are infesting hotels, theaters, retail stores and even tourist attractions in the US. Could your cruise ship be next? Find out more about bedbugs and how to avoid them on your next cruise.
Airport Parking Options
Airport parking options have changed and expanded in recent years. Today's airports offer long and short term parking, cell phone lots and daily parking. Some airports even offer valet parking. Learn about airport parking options and decide which type of airport parking is best for you.
Traveling With Electronic Devices
Traveling with electronic devices, such as laptops, e-readers, PDAs and cell phones, is a mixed blessing. You have the convenience of instant communication and information, but you also have to recharge and protect your electronic items. Take a look at our tips for traveling with electronic devices.
Should You Pay for Your Rental Car With a...
Find out whether rental car companies accept debit cards and learn about the pros and cons of paying for your rental car with a debit card or credit card.
Can US Citizens Travel to Cuba?
For many years, United States citizens were not allowed to spend money in Cuba, making travel to the island nation legally impossible. Under President Obama, regulations were changed to permit US citizens to visit Cuba under specific conditions. Find out how United States citizens can legally travel to Cuba.
Profile of Grand Circle Travel
Grand Circle Travel offers affordable tours and excellent service, whether you plan to take a land tour, river cruise or ocean cruise.
Profile of Go Ahead Tours
Go Ahead Tours provides good-value travel experiences on six continents. Whether you prefer traditional escorted tours, city stays, land / sea experiences or walking tours, Go Ahead Tours probably has an itinerary to meet your needs.
What to Do When the TSA Finds a Prohibited Item...
While you are going through airport security screening, the TSA finds a prohibited item, such as a pocket knife or pair of scissors. What should you do? Do you have options besides turning in your prohibited item? Find out what your alternatives are and read a list of airports with Mail It Home self-service kiosks.
High Wind Safety for Senior and Baby Boomer...
High winds can be treacherous, especially if you are traveling in an unfamiliar place. Our high wind safety tips can help you reach shelter and avoid injury, whether you are walking or driving.
Cruise Planning Tips for Wheelchair and Scooter...
Our tips for planning a wheelchair- or scooter-friendly cruise will help take the guesswork out of cruising.
How to Request Airport Wheelchair Assistance
If getting around the airport is difficult for you, it's time to call your airline and request wheelchair assistance. Find out how to prepare for your flights, work with your wheelchair attendant and deal with problems at the airport.
Is Train Travel Right For You?
As fuel prices skyrocket and airfares climb accordingly, train travel looks better than ever. Take a look at the pros and cons of train travel and find out if rail travel is a good transportation option for you.
How to Avoid Paying Overweight Baggage Fees
Discovering that your suitcase exceeds your airline's luggage weight limit is a depressing and expensive experience. Find out how to lighten your load and avoid paying overweight baggage fees.
Should You Travel Abroad?
Visiting another country can be the experience of a lifetime. If you're feeling intimidated by the challenges of language barriers and unfamiliar customs, take a look at some of the pros and cons of international travel.
Rental Cars 101
Renting a car on your vacation may provide freedom of movement, but it can also be a frustrating, confusing experience. Learn more about the car rental process and discover how to find cheap rental cars, navigate your rental car contract and make sense of rental car fees.
Why You Should Wear a Medical ID When You Travel
Wearing a medical ID tells doctors and emergency responders that you have health issues that could affect your treatment plan. Find out more about medical IDs and learn about alternatives to medical ID jewelry.
Hotel Etiquette
Hotel etiquette involves more than just knowing how much to tip the housekeeping staff. Treating your fellow guests and hotel employees with respect will help ensure a pleasant stay. Learn more about hotel etiquette.
Should You Book Your Rental Car Through a...
Third-party car rental websites can save you money, but are the savings worth the possibility of inconvenience? Find out more about third-party car rental websites and damage waiver considerations, take a look at our tips for minimizing problems and learn about third-party car rental policies and procedures.
Tips for Coping With New TSA Rules
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules can and do change. We'll help you cope with the latest changes to aviation security regulations. Find out how to pack for your airport security screening and read our tips for coping with changing airline procedures.
Should You Hire a House Sitter?
Hiring a house sitter is a good way to make sure your home remains safe during your absence. Find out whether hiring a house sitter during your next vacation is a good option for you.
Train Travel Tips
Train travel combines relaxation, adventure and cost-effectiveness. If you haven't traveled by train recently, take a look at our tips for successful train travel.
Museum Admission Deals and Discounts for Senior...
There are many ways for senior and Baby Boomer travelers to visit museums for free or at reduced admission prices. Find out how to take advantage of free museum days, senior discounts, special category discounts and museum cards.
Is a Tour Group the Right Choice for You?
Tour groups offer many advantages. Discover the pros and cons of senior tour groups.
Planning Your Senior Vacation
Travelers today can visit nearly every part of the planet. With so many destinations available, trip planning can be very complex. Decide where to travel, how you'll get there and where you'll stay using our trip planning tips.
Traveling by Car Ferry - What You Need to Know
Traveling by car ferry is a great way to get both you and your vehicle from one place to another relatively quickly. While some ferry boat trips are fairly short, others may last overnight or longer. Our car ferry travel tips will help you plan your next ferry boat trip.
Harvest Hosts – Agri-Tourism for North...
Harvest Hosts is a membership club for North American RVers who would like to dry-camp at farms, orchards, wineries and outdoor attractions. Members agree to purchase a bottle of wine, jug of cider, small basket of fruit or something else from their Host; in return, the Host offers them a place to boondock (dry-camp) overnight for free. Learn more about Harvest Hosts.
Royal Caribbean - Profile of Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean sails the largest ships in the cruise industry, and they also have innovative on-board entertainment like ice-skating rinks. This cruise line is popular with families and for intergenerational vacations.
Should You Pick Up Your Rental Car at the...
Does your rental car pickup location make a difference in your car rental price? It all depends on your vacation destination. Read about our cost comparisons and learn more about the pros and cons of picking up rental cars at downtown rental offices.
Save Money by Cruising from a Port Near You
If you're looking for ways to save money on your cruise, consider searching for cruises by departure city or embarkation port.
Tips and Trends from Singles Travel Expert...
Singles travel expert Diane Redfern of Connecting: Solo Travel Network shares her insights and solo travel tips in this exclusive interview.
One Way Car Rental in the United States
One way car rentals in the US are very expensive. Not all car rental companies charge the same rates, however, so you may be able to save a little money on one way car rentals.
What to Do When Your Flight Is Diverted
If unruly passengers or weather problems cause your flight to be diverted to another airport, what should you do? Read our tips for coping with flight diversions and find out whether you might be eligible for compensation.
Places You Can't Take Photographs
Photography laws and rules vary from place to place and country to country. Find out where you can - and where you can't - take photographs.
What Should You Do if Your Rental Car Breaks...
What happens if your rental car breaks down? Find out which repairs you might have to pay for and what you should do if your rental car can't be driven.
Find Bargains Galore at the Annual Vera Bradley...
Fort Wayne's annual Vera Bradley Outlet Sale draws tens of thousands of shoppers to Indiana each year. The five-day sale, featuring Vera Bradley quilted bags, luggage and accessories, attracts visitors from every state in the US. If you're a Vera addict, consider planning an April trip to Fort Wayne. Our tips for shopping the sale will help you make the most of your Vera Bradley Outlet Sale experience.
Things I Wish I Had Known Before Driving in...
Get the inside scoop on driving in Europe.

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