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Dissatisfied Road Scholar Customer

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By Caribeazul

Tour Operators

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Road Scholar

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September 7th, 2011



My Review 

If you want to be taken for $250 per person, if you cancel 9 months before the trip, then go ahead and book with these crooks.

We booked online, and their excuse for not returning our deposit was that "they had to work on making the reservation, and keeping the spot open for us." Please, the trip is NOT sold out. They just like to keep the deposit.


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Pros and cons? 

This company will keep your deposit even if you give them 9 months!

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Nancy Parode, About.com Senior Travel, says:

Road Scholar does put their cancellation terms on their website; you have to look at the details of a particular trip, then click on "Registration and Policies" to find out about the $250 cancellation charge. Travelers do have the option to transfer to another program at no charge if the transfer is processed at least 120 days prior to the program's start date (fees apply after that). Trip cancellation insurance would have helped with this situation, too - it's not free, but it typically doesn't cost $250 per person, either. It's not fun to lose a trip deposit, especially so far in advance, but it's a common industry practice.

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