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Don`t go to Greece with Collette

Reader Reviews: Tour Operator Reviews

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By george callahan

Tour Operators

Tour Operator: 

Collette Vacations

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May 2011


Exploring Greece and its Islands

My Review 

I wouldn`t recommend this tour by Collette Vacations. As much as the tour manager tried ( she was very efficient) this was the most disorganised, boring and lackluster waste of vacation money I could imagine. Almost every meal was a buffet. And Greek buffet food gets old fast. As opposed to Italy where wine was included with meals, in Greece it was mostly pay by the glass. (this gets expensive fast) A couple of good hotels but mostly cheap grubby motel looking places. Whole days on the bus. All the side trips I had paid for were cancelled. ( I was refunded ) I was shocked in regards to how bad things were with Collette because I had taken they`re reflections of Italy tour seven months earlier and had a blast. I told them how horrible this tour was and they did hear me out. If they make changes to improve this tour only time will tell.

How did you find out about this tour operator? 

through a friend

Pros and cons? 

as far as the greece tour is concerned, good bus driver cons: bad food, bad hotels, not much good info

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Nancy Parode, About.com Senior Travel, says:

Collette Vacations contacted me and asked me to publish the following response to this review, which, as always, I am happy to do:

Dear Mr. Callahan,

I want to once again thank you for your feedback which is very helpful to us.

Your comments did not fall on deaf ears.

The information you provided has been passed on to the product development department for potential enhancements.

It is feedback such as yours which helps us improve and maintain our customers, especially since we know how wonderful your Italy tour experience was a few months earlier.

Thank you for reaching out.

Christopher Carriere, Director of Guest Relations

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