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Grand Circle Corp. and Overseas Adventure Travel Biased Against Solo Travelers

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By OhSuzzzana

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Grand Circle Travel

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Turkey, Greek Isles, Greece

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This otherwise really good tour company which operates not only Grand Circle Travel but also Overseas Adventure Travel has one major flaw: If you travel as a single person (without a roommate) even though you pay a single supplement, you get the absolutely worst room they have. This has happened time and time again. I even sent a certified letter to the owners, who had someone call me who assured me that they had changed their policies and I would be treated equally. So I booked a trip to Turkey and the Greek Isles and Greece. Same thing happened. I was told that cabins on the ship weren't assigned until sailing. I called back 3 times, spoke with 3 different people who all repeated the same thing. Still got the worst cabin. Later when I got to know the other travelers they ALL told me that their rooms were assigned at booking. You are even limited on the departures you can take. They will have a room/cabin and tell you there are none available for a single person. I have even offered to pay 2X the price and was told that this is against their policy. This is true of Grand Circle and OAT. I feel discriminated against because I choose to travel alone even though I pay more.

How did you find out about this tour operator? 

Friends and I have taken 8 trips with them.

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Really great fellow travelers, good guides, great itineraries and cultural experiences. Moderate to poor hotels, moderate to poor restaurants and food. But most of all the discrimination in cabins and rooms.

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Nancy Parode, About.com Senior Travel, says:

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I've read a story like this one. Single travelers face many obstacles, including expensive single supplements. To be assigned a poor room solely on the basis of your travel status adds insult to injury. I hope tour operators will begin to realize that there are many, many travelers out there who prefer to travel alone and start trying to find ways to treat these customers well.

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