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Readers Respond: Have You Witnessed a Taxi Scam?

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From the article: How to Avoid Taxi Scams
Have you witnessed a taxi scam in person, or perhaps fallen victim to taxi fraud? Stories of taxi scams are all over the Internet, but is the danger really that great? Share your experiences with your fellow travelers. Share Your Story

manhattan to jfk meter off scam

On Tuesday, October 15th, the concierge from a Manhattan hotel on Lexington hailed a yellow taxi for myself and a friend to take us to JFK. The driver asked if we were paying card, or cash. I said cash. He said the fare would be $60 including tolls, but tips would be extra. Fine, I thought. After a few minutes, I noticed that we were passing through Queens. I mentioned this and the driver said he was told that he freeway was very busy. Traffic in Queens was actually quite bad and the detour delayed us by at least 20 minutes. I noticed that the fare meter was switched OFF and I could not use the monitor in the passenger seat to access the map, of to leave feedback. I asked the driver to switch the tv monitor on and he said "it works with the meter". I asked him to turn it on and I was ignored, twice. The driver was using an ear piece to talk on his cell and my friend and I felt quite uncomfortable. I made a video recording and took photos.
—Guest goz83

I was scammed

I took a cab and paid with a credit card, the cab driver said my credit card and demanded cash or said he was calling the cops. I paid the cash thinking my card was declined. When I got my credit card bill, the charge was there and I was out the cash. The company was of no help , because the receipt the cab driver gave me was hand written and didn't have the cab number on it or anything.
—Guest Aaron

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Have You Witnessed a Taxi Scam?

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